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Personas are used by some of the leading brands around the world to help guide their web design choices and marketing touchpoint strategies. Creating personas will help you understand your website’s visitor, how they’ll utilize your website, and the types of information they need most to support their buying decisions.

What are Personas?

  • Personas are hypothetical archetypes, or “stand-ins” for actual users that drive the decision making for interface design projects.
  • Personas are not real people, but they represent real people and users throughout the design process.
  • Personas are not “made up”; they are discovered as a by-product of the investigative process.
  • Names and personal details are made up for personas to make them more realistic and life-like.
  • Personas are defined by their goals.
  • Interfaces are built to satisfy personas’ needs and goals.

The “Guide to Building Personas Infographic” below will help you as a business owner realize the value personas can offer. You’ll also find tips and “How To”s for building your company’s personas, so you can better meet the needs of your users.

Topics Covered

  • What are Personas?
  • What are the Essential Details Needed for Defining Personas?
  • 10 Steps to Creating Awesome Personas
  • Tips for Developing Useful Personas
  • What are the Benefits of Personas?


Guide to Creating Website Personas


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