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Comprehensive SEO Audits And Website Analysis

Our SEO audit services put your website and your marketing strategies through an extensive audit process to uncover branding, SEO, and strategic directional problems.

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We identify and fix brand experiences that impact growth

Our comprehensive website audits encompass a wide range of data points to help you understand your websites strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and competitive threats to your business.

By analyzing your website experience, SEO approach, current analytics data, and competitors, we show you why your website isn’t ranking in Google or increasing leads and sales, and how to fix it.

Are you ready to learn why your marketing isn’t working and how to fix it?


Bill is smart, helpful, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about SEO.

Bill came highly recommended as someone who really knows his craft and is trustworthy, two characteristics that can be elusive in his field.

Bill was instrumental in helping me refashion my website by using a three-part approach: audit of my existing website and key competitors, re-platform my site to increase its functionality and visibility and worked with me to develop an enhanced blog strategy.

Peter Diamond, Diamond Consulting

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Our SEO Audit Process and Parts

Our team of digital marketing experts use multiple SEO audit tools, coupled with a hands-on manual SEO audit, to dive deep into your strategic approach to online marketing.

At the end of our audit we provide you with a comprehensive SEO report that includes the data that was gathered, insights that were gained, and a prioritized list of recommendations to optimize your website for users and search engines.


Measurement Strategy Audit

Is your Google Analytics set up to measure the correct data points, and provide accurate insights to inform your strategic approach to SEO?

To ensure your website reporting is aligned with the primary business goals and encompasses attribution metrics, we will audit your current measurement strategy.

This audit will include the following:

  • Implementation Audit: We will audit your current Google Analytics implementation to ensure data is being captured correctly, and we will recommend any updates to help you capture correct and accurate data.
  • KPI Audit: We will work with your team to audit your current marketing scorecard and provide recommendations for reporting strategies and scorecard creation.


Technical SEO Audit

Yes you could use one of the many technical seo audit tools to crawl your website and get the data. However, unless you know what the data means and what is truly a priority technical seo fix, you could be spinning your wheels.

So, to understand the current state of the website and shape optimization strategies, our technical SEO team will execute a technical site audit and interpret the SEO data.

This includes crawling your website, as Google would, and analyzing over 80 data points that correlate with a website foundation that is valuable for users and search engines.

The data points span variables that impact:

  • Website’s Crawl Ability
  • Contextual Relevance and Value
  • Content Optimization


Competitive Audit

A key concept to understand is that a website does not compete against the Google algorithm but against the value its competitors are providing within the search results for their users.

To understand the competitive landscape we will analyze your top 3 competitors. Our competitive audit highlights their strengths and weaknesses, and showcases them within with our competitive matrix.

The goal of this audit is to provide insights into your competitors strategic approach to SEO and experience design.

This will include value-based data points that cover:

  • Content Value
  • Website Experience
  • Brand Messaging
  • Inbound Links


Inbound Link Audit

Google relies heavily on external factors to help them understand and rank content that is relevant to a searcher’s query. The primary external factor is the inbound link.

We will provide the following within our inbound link audits:

  • Ensuring your links are providing positive signals to Google, we will audit them across multiple data points and provide recommendations for links that are non-compliant.
  • We will execute a link gap analysis between your website and the competitive set to identify links that your competitors have gained but your website lacks. This will provide you with a list of links to try and acquire.


Experience & Design Audit

Your website experience not only impacts how users engage and build trust with your company, but it also impacts your SEO value. Because of this, auditing your website experience is integrated into our SEO audits.

They include the data points that encompass the following:

  • Website Design and Code
  • Website Functionality
  • Website Usability
  • Information Architecture
  • Conversion Point Integration


The SEO Audit Report and Deliverable

The final step in our process is to provide you with your audit document. The document will include the data that was gathered, insights that were gained, and a prioritized list of recommendations to optimize your website for users and search engines.

We can also include the cost for us to provide digital marketing guidance, or in select cases, fix the issues.