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Our Web Design Process Generates Better ROI For Your B2B Business.

We’ve created a cross-team approach and strategy that gets you better ROI from your website design project.

We are an SEO company, so why do we do website design?

The answer is simple. Because your website design and experience are a Google ranking factor that impacts your SEO value and trust.

With every engagement a user has with your company – whether from a Google search, on your website, through social media, or in person – they decide if they want to do business with you. Brand inconsistencies or poor experiences will cause trust issues and lost opportunities to grow your business.

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Our Why

We believe that project efficiency, building trusted friendships, and genuinely caring about client success should be what defines a B2B website design agency.

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Our Website Design Process

Our objective is to create an engaging and integrated experience that users want to engage with, represents the brand vision, is easy to use, and Google wants to rank.

Hosting Recommendation

Getting the correct WordPress hosting is vital for having a website that performs well for users and Google and has excellent support when issues arise.

Current State Debrief

We will work with your team to understand the evolution of the current website and what functionality and design elements work best. This will help us plan and give direction for the new website design.

Measurement Strategy

To ensure you can effectively track KPIs and inform Google that you have a new website, we will work with your team to integrate and set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console into your new website.

Information Architecture

How your website’s content is structured is beneficial to SEO and needs to align with your user’s expectations.

We will create your website’s information architecture, aligning it with user expectations and search engine value.

CTA and Lead Generation

This part of our website design process includes our conversion rate experts ensuring your website’s conversion points are correctly placed to effectively and efficiently capture quality leads.

Design and Development

Once we have finalized the final content set and sitemap, we will start creating the new responsive design to hold and showcase the content sets.

This stage starts with creating a working model to show the basic layout and functionality of the website.

SEO Integration & Migration

SEO is fully integrated into each of the stages.

This phase will include on-site SEO to ensure the search engines like your new website design and content.

If we do a website redesign, we will also create a transition plan for your SEO to ensure you don’t lose rankings or the value your website has earned.

Post-Launch Audit

Once your website has been launched, our teams will do extensive quality assurance to ensure the website, lead capture form, and analytics are working correctly.

Brand Book

A brand book is a key to ensuring that your company’s identity remains consistent across all customer and user touchpoints, whether email, a brochure, merchandise, or a 10-foot sign.

We provide an 8-10 page brand book and style guide that sets the rules for how your visual brand and identity should be utilized throughout online and offline marketing channels.