Advanced SEO Keyword Research

Your keyword research strategy needs to go beyond search volume and focus on additional data points Google gives weight to, such as user intent.

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Proper organic keyword research includes so much more than just monthly keyword searches.

Choosing keywords based on multiple data points and user intent is critical to SEO fundamentals.

There are keyword research best practices and on-page keyword placement that most SEO companies follow. Still, many of those techniques don’t have the impact they once did because they lack the multi-faceted approach that drives keyword selection.

Our keyword research process (outlined here) encompasses multiple data points per keyword.

Need help finding the correct SEO Keywords?

Types of Keyword Research Services

All professional SEO experts agree that posting content is vital to growing your online business; where most miss the mark is knowing how to target the correct keyword intent with the right content asset.

Niche keyword research is one of the most challenging strategies since most keywords that niche websites need to target don’t always register search volume; thus, this strategy requires a more in-depth approach to find the correct keyword targets.

Knowing what you want to target is only half the story. Learning the keywords your competitors are targeting can be a powerful insight that helps you take rankings, traffic, leads, and sales away from them.

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How the Linchpin SEO team helped a Tissue Engineering CRO increase traffic and leads.

REPROCELL Biopta’s human tissue technology predicts clinical success by using the closest possible model of drug behavior in humans, lab-grown tissue.

Their website was built completely within the HubSpot CMS. They needed help transforming their SEO strategy, identifying high-value keyword targets, and building a blog strategy.

Strategies Included:

  • SEO Consulting
  • International SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Keyword Research
Organic Blog Reach
Organic Traffic
Organic Blog Traffic
Product Page Traffic

Linchpin SEO is the gold standard in search engine optimization.

Thanks to their guidance, we have seen a dramatic increase in organic website traffic and inquiries. Bill has been a delight to work with and was available to answer any questions about SEO and related topics. He has a comprehensive technical understanding of SEO and was able to explain these complicated topics to our team no matter their level of experience. I highly recommend Linchpin SEO to anyone looking to improve their organic reach and traffic.

Zara Puckrin
Zara Puckrin
Marketing Manager, Reprocell
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Our Keyword Research Technique and Process

The objective is to create a holistic keyword strategy that targets user intent and keyword value to increase web traffic.

Stakeholder Interviews

This initial step helps us better understand your team’s goals, internal nomenclature, and well as what types of words are being used by your potential clients within real market situations.

Crawl & Analytics

Pulling a crawlable inventory will help us better understand the depth of content and keyword targeting and any information architecture problems causing Google crawl issues that negatively impact current keyword targets.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping helps identify current content keyword value and keyword gaps, and provides guidance toward minimizing keyword cannibalization.

Keyword Identification

There are multiple keyword intent categories, so ensuring pages target the keywords users search for and the correct intent is critical to ranking well.

This includes:

  • Analyzing the competitor’s SEO strategy and their target keywords
  • Identify keyword targets for legacy pages
  • Identify informational and commercial intent keywords for new content.

Brainstorm Sessions

This iterative part of our keyword research process is where we will conduct multiple brainstorming and review sessions with your team to flush out the keyword sets and expand on new targets.

Implementation Strategy

Based on the data and analysis of the previous phases, we will map identified keywords across the websites.

This includes:

  • Mapping keywords to legacy content sets
  • Creating title tags and recommendations for content integration for primary pages
  • Identifying new content to be created based on keyword gaps and value

Internal Link Strategy

Once we’ve implemented the keyword targets for your website, we will create a data dictionary for you to map internal links to the correct pages and content for maximum keyword value.

Measurement Strategy

Utilizing the data points pulled from phase one, we will report on the value of the keyword project.

This includes:

  • Building a scorecard for your team to utilize for each website.
  • Teaching your team how to pull the data for each website.