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seo strategies that help you rank in the local search results

Over a decade ago, our founder, Bill Ross started building the team of Local SEO Linchpins. The team of industry-leading SEO consultants have helped many local and small businesses get to the top of the local search results in their city.

There are 25.1 Billion searches annually. Are customers finding your business or your competitors in the local search results? Have you searched Google for your business’s name, products, or services and were nowhere to be found in Google Maps or the Google Pack?


Understanding what’s wrong with your website is the first step to fixing and optimizing your experience. We will perform a website audit across 40+ SEO variables that correlate with ranking locally in Google, and provide a prioritized list to fix them.


The keywords that you choose can make or break your SEO strategies. We will help you identify priority keywords that will earn you sales and increase website traffic. These strategies can be built using competitor keyword intelligence, adjacent topics, and keyword research tools.


Making sure your listings are optimized and consistent across listing services is a core indicator for geographic location and rankings. We will make sure your local directory and listings are consistent and optimized in a way that Google wants to reward.


Without locally targeted content it makes it difficult to rank within the search results, and position your small business as a leader in your market. We can create a strategy for you to create content, as well as create content that users love and Google wants to rank.


When done correctly, earning links from local websites can boost your SEO rankings within your market. We will build a strategy to earn local citations and local links from media outlets and websites within your target geographic area.


Do you know what marketing channels are sending leads or creating sales for your local business? We will setup your Google Analytics, create a custom scorecard, and help you define a measurement strategy for your marketing campaigns.

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