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Local SEO

Harness the knowledge from over 18 years of doing SEO for big brands and franchise clients, and put it to work for your local business. 

Going Beyond Your Typical Local SEO Company

What is local SEO? Local search engine optimization is the strategic approach to SEO that focuses on optimizing your website to be found in local search results or Google Maps to increase the traffic, awareness, rankings, and sales coming from the search engines.

It’s a long-term business strategy, including publishing, brand building, marketing, website experience, and technical SEO. That’s why, when marketing agencies try to boil your local SEO down to a few tactics or do it as an afterthought, it doesn’t work.

So how do you rank in Google Local? With 78% of location-based searches resulting in a purchase, first, stop buying cheap local SEO services that promise local listing and Google maps rankings success but hurt your business and local brand.

Then, find a trusted local SEO agency that starts with understanding your goals and then creates a custom and affordable SEO campaign to grow your local business.


Our Why

After leading digital strategies at large agencies and consulting firms for over a decade, I wanted to build a digital agency that businesses could believe in.

By prioritizing your projects efficiency, our relationship, and caring about your success, we can achieve better marketing ROI and increased MQL, SQL, and MRR for your business.

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When you focus on building your brand within your local market and stop focusing only on how to “get to the top of the search results,” your business will grow and naturally rank within Google.


The Benefits Of Our Local SEO Solutions

With 80% of consumers using search engines to find local information, local SEO can’t be ignored.

1. Website Traffic – As you gain rankings for a more diverse set of local keywords, you’ll see an increase in website traffic.

2. Leads & Revenue – Our local SEO services will increase qualified local leads and revenue for your local business.

3. Brand Awareness – Your small business becomes the one your customers think of.

4. Business Growth – The increased local traffic, sales, and brand awareness contribute to incremental growth.

5. Consumer Trust – As our content strategy team helps you create better content, you’ll reach more potential customers.

6. Local Authority – Users will see you as the local authority.

A Few Of Our Local SEO Wins

snap 36 - web design & seo marketing

42% increase

in leads from search

62% increase

in overall leads

22% increase

in organic reach

120% increase

in traffic to products

72% increase

in organic reach

4188% increase

in blog traffic
DeVooght House Lifters

120% increase

in quality leads

163% increase

in organic reach

200% increase

in SEO traffic

Our Local SEO Process


1. Business Goal Review

We will have a working session with your team to understand the evolution of your Local SEO marketing strategy, what has worked best, and your goals for your campaign.

measurement strategy Linchpin SEO

2. Local SEO Measurement Strategy

To ensure your website reporting is aligned with your primary business goals, we will audit your current local measurement strategy, ensure local data is being acquired efficiently, and create your SEO scorecard to track success.

technical audit Linchpin SEO

3. Technical SEO Audit

We will crawl your website, as Google would, and analyze over 90 variables on each page that dive deeper into your website’s crawl ability, site architecture, contextual value, and content and tagging optimization.

website design

4. SEO Website Design Audit

61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a well-designed and mobile-friendly site. Thus design and experience of your website play a role not only in how your business and brand are perceived but also in how Google views your SEO value for rankings. We will audit your website to ensure it aligns with Google’s best practices, great design aesthetics, and user expectations.

local listing audit Linchpin SEO

5. Local Listings Audit

We will analyze your local listing(s) in the market(s) you want to target and provide recommendations to optimize your online listings better. We will review data that includes:

  • Consistency Across Listings
  • Photography and Photos
  • Reviews
  • Gaps In Listings
  • Listing Integration Into Your Website
content audit Linchpin SEO

6. Local Content Audit

Having high-value, geographically targeted local content is key for increasing traffic, earning valuable local links, and differentiating your business from the competitors in your market.

We will audit your current content and provide recommendations for new content that will grow your brand in your target market.

competitive audit Linchpin SEO

7. Local SEO Competitive Audit

72% of consumers that perform a local search visit a business within 5 miles of their current location. This makes understanding how to beat your competitors website and rank better than them even more vital to your businesses success.

To understand the local SEO landscape, we will analyze your top 3 competitors to gain insights into their strategic approach to local SEO.

inbound link audit Linchpin SEO

8. Local SEO Inbound Link and Citation Audit

We will audit your local inbound links across multiple data points and provide recommendations for links that are non-compliant. We will also execute a local link gap analysis to identify links your competitors have gained but your website lacks.

seo deliverable Linchpin SEO

9. Provide The Initial Local SEO Deliverable

The comprehensive local SEO audit document outlines the gathered data, insights gained, and a prioritized list of recommendations to optimize your website for users and search engines.

seo consulting 1 Linchpin SEO

10. Ongoing Proactive Local SEO Monthly Consulting

Because the competitive landscape within the market and Google’s algorithm are ever-changing, we provide insights and guide strategies for organic growth.

  • Basic website audit, analytics scorecard, and insight document.
  • Local listing management and updates.
  • Identification of local keyword topics for new content.
  • Working with your content creator, or creating the content ourselves.
  • Optimization of new pages and content that is created for your website.
  • Report on any Google updates or changes that would impact your SEO.
  • Strategic brainstorming sessions with you to help identify new strategies to increase website traffic and sales.

Your Local SEO Expert

Bill has been helping companies for 15+ years grow their traffic and increase their leads and sales using local SEO.

Because of Bill’s experience, local brands, franchises, and small businesses have looked to him for insights and leadership when trying to rank better in Google Maps and optimize location pages to come up in the first spots of Google.

Learn more about Bill

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Caring fuels our passion.

Most say it’s crazy our local SEO company cares so much about our clients that we often put their business success before our own profits. But it’s the correct thing to do.

Bill and the team are extremely responsive and easy to work with.

They made the process of the website redesign easy and have measurably improved our company’s online presence.

Deanna DeVooght
Owner, DeVooght House Lifters
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Local Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How mush does Local SEO cost?

That is a great question; however, unfortunately, there is not a simple answer. Many aspects influence the pricing for SEO, including;

  • your local marketing goals
  • if your current website is built/designed well
  • what strategies you’ll need to accomplish your goals
  • what local market or markets you are attempting to target
  • your local competition and their SEO value
  • local keywords you want to target

The only thing we can tell you about our local SEO pricing is that the majority of our clients pay between $750 – $1,900 per month to work with our local SEO team.

Who will be working on my website?

For all local SEO work, our founder, who has worked with many small businesses and startups over his 15 years doing local SEO, will be working directly with you and executing your local SEO campaign. We don’t outsource our SEO work.

How often do we meet to talk about your local SEO project?

Typically our reporting meetings take place once a month. However, we don’t limit the number of times you can call us or email us with questions (within reason). We truly have an open door/phone policy.

Why use Linchpin vs. a competitor?

That’s a great question. There are many companies and agencies that do great local SEO (the majority don’t) and if we are not the right fit for you, then we’d be happy to provide you with a company we feel would be.

We are committed to the goal of making your business successful, rather than committing to any specific strategy.  We have been built on 6 core values that we don’t compromise on for any reason.

  1. We Care – Our team includes marketers and design experts from top agencies and brands who care about your success.
  2. Self-testing – We believe in continuous testing, and often do it on our own website to gain insights for our clients.
  3. Process Driven – We’ve optimized our marketing processes to eliminate waste and save clients time and money.
  4. Efficiency – We’ve eliminated operational overhead and costs, so we are able to provide better client ROI.
  5. No Red Tape – We believe in removing hierarchical red tape and giving everyone direct access to our CEO.
  6. Keep It Local – You’ve invested in our marketing all-stars, so we don’t outsource our clients’ work outside our core.

Should I hire a local SEO company that guarantees rankings?

So there are many companies out there that will “guarantee local rankings.” Two things I will say about any company that only talks about rank or has the goal of getting you Google rankings is:

  1. They will do anything to get you them – even if it hurts your brand, website, or business in the long run.
  2. They do not understand what local SEO actually is.

If you want to read more reasons, check out our performance-based SEO article here.