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The Beginners Guide to Squarespace SEO in 2020

quarespace is one of the industry leaders in website building and SEO marketing. They pride themselves for being a one stop solution for those of you who are looking to make and spruce up your own space in the cyberworld, as well as those of you who want to market that space to generate more traffic and leads. Squarespace is currently responsible for millions of beautiful websites that people now enjoy online.

Even with these massive numbers, the company knows that there are still a lot of people who have not gotten into working on their own website. On top of that, there are many existing website owners who have not taken advantage of SEO or search engine optimization in order to optimize the traffic to their websites.

This guide has been crafted for those newbies who are finally looking to start marketing their own sites. This can also be beneficial for experts, who are looking to brush up their skills on SEO and looking for inspiration to boost their traffic, rank higher in search engines, or place the right keyword tags for their own existing websites. With so many competitors out there, it is vital to brush up on your Squarespace SEO skills and knowledge. Continue reading below so you can get study this complete Beginners Guide to Squarespace SEO in 2020.

Optimize Your Squarespace Site Structure

If you are wondering how to achieve a higher rank for your Squarespace website in 2020 so that you can reach more customers, you need to be familiar with SEO to help with your critical optimization project.

First, you must know that SEO actually is comprised of two practices: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SECO. The on-page SEO component refers to all your techniques that will boost your website itself. The second is off-page meaning improving external signs that will have a direct impact on the authority level of your site. Both of these used concurrently will generate the best results for your site.

However, before you begin on improving the authority of your site by putting in links, citations, reviews, and other related off page practices, you have to make sure that your on-page SEO is optimized because it will deliver the most value. No amount of making you look authoritative will help if your website content is dismal.

Therefore, it is critical to make the necessary adjustments to your website by making simple changes. Make sure it easy to navigate and it is functional. Provide quality content and incorporate variety by using Google’s approach like paid media, social posts, and kitschy advertising, which are great methods that promote organic growth.

Improve the User Experience

In order to keep your visitors from leaving your site, you have to make sure that you provide them a good user experience. Squarespace has many tools, which you can use to make your site easy to navigate for your audience, such as compressing pictures to decrease your page loading time.

They also have function that can help you create tabs, navigation bars, and a search function within your site. You can use heading text formatting to organize your pages and structure your content, which will make it easy for your users and search engines to detect the theme of your site.

All Squarespace sites come with their own automatic XML sitemap. This sitemap will stay current and include all your page URLS, as well as, your image or photo metadata for easy SEO indexing. At the same time, your URLS and HTML markups are all easily and quickly indexed because Squarespace makes them clean and easy to manage.

On top of this, Squarespace offers free SSL certificates to all of you clients to ensure that all your visitors will get a secure connection each time they visit any page of your site. This will improve your respectability and encourage people to visit because they will feel safe.

Most of all, all Squarespace themes are highly responsive. All of your text, image, and video content are automatically resized to assure compatibility with all kinds of mobile devices, whether in portrait or landscape mode. With people reliant on their smartphones and tablets, this is a very crucial factor that will ensure your clients can access your site anytime, anywhere even if they are on the go.

Research the Right Target Keywords

Before you begin your elaborate plan, you have to make sure that you have the right keywords or keyphrases to help optimize your site. These keywords play a vital part in your site optimization because researching them will show you related topics and other pertinent user questions, which you may give you additional insight to help improve your site.

It is an important step to make a list of the keywords you want to target for your topic page. If the keywords seem to similar to each other, then you have to choose a different word or phrase to represent them. Search these topics on Google, so you can take a peek at your competitors. This will help you asses the future adversities you may face in your attempt to rank above them. By doing this, you get a glimpse of your competitor’s popularity, back links, authority, and social signals.

The main point of doing this is not to over optimize the page but to help you figure out if your content will indeed satisfy your user, who happens to be your audience, clients, or potential customers. Inserting the keyword strategically in the title, header, and a few times in the body of the post is more than enough.

Optimize Your Squarespace Pages

In order to keep your clients glued to your site, you have to to optimize your Squarespace Pages. The first thing you have to do is to simplify your URL and make their readability easy by putting hyphens. With these, your URLS will be much easier to comprehend and share on social network sites, especially those with a character cap like Twitter.

Next, remove duplicate content, especially one that has been copied from another website. There is nothing more off-putting than content that is redundant, especially plagiarized, because it affects your respectability and authority, as well as, wastes the time of your client. More importantly, having duplicate content will mean that you will rank lower. To help you check for duplicate content use a tool like Copyscape.

Another method to optimize your page is to improve your images. People are visually oriented and they are naturally drawn to beautiful images. Moreover, they are an important aspect of Squarespace SEO. Images that load fast improves your site’s overall page speed, which will make you rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Remember, most search engines have an image search these days. Use a compression tool for reducing your image size before you upload it to your site. On top of that, use descriptive words that are easy to read and relevant to tag your image. Having a good image on your pages will improve traffic to your site.

You can also optimize this by creating your own custom 404 page. As your site grows, broken links become inevitable. Often, your clients can also mistype your URL. Thus, it is important to take the time out to craft a personalized 404 error page, rather than just directing your guests to the homepage. Doing the latter can lead to confusion and frustration. Your own 404 page will tell them what they are looking for doesn’t exist and you can give them options and suggestions about what they can do.

Optimize Your Squarespace SEO Tags

Title tags are the key ingredient that search engines use. Your title tag will default to the tile of your post or title of whatever content you intend to publish in Squarespace. This also includes your site title. All of this information can be easily customized if you are not happy with the suggestions.

Take note that updating and optimizing each individual title can be done on Squarespace when you hover over a page and then click on the settings icon. Next, you can click on the SEO tab to make the changes that you desire. You want your titles to be rich in your chosen keywords but never spam-like.

In addition to that, you must remember that the title tag of your site has to be a succinct, concise, and accurate description of your page’s content. For best results, keep these under 60 characters, chosen keywords matter, it helps to keep them unique and descriptive, and don’t over do your keywords.

Build Links to Your Website

It is crucial to your site’s success to build links to your website. Backlinks are even more necessary because these are incoming hyperlinks from another web page within another site. They pass equity to your site akin to a recommendation or a referral. These links are one of the most significant elements that can determine the search ranking of your site.

You have to begin your link-building strategy as soon as possible because it takes Google quite a bit of time to update the many websites’ ranking, so it will take time for you to enjoy the benefit of your efforts in building these critical links.

The main goal here it to go for quality and not just quantity. One single link from a very popular and reputable site will go so much further in helping you boost your SEO ranking when compared with getting a hundred links from smaller obscure sites. You can do this by pitching to magazine editors, talking to news site editors, or partnering with influencers.

Rank Higher with Content Marketing

Finally, use content marketing for your Squarespace site in order to rank higher. You have to make sure that you set your content goals. This is a make or break step because this is what will drive the people to view your site. You have to define why you are making the content and what will set this apart from the millions out there. Generate interesting posts, infographics, videos, and more.

Then you have to make sure that you generate content frequently so that your site is always be updated. Ensure that these posts have a good headline that attracts attention. A catchy headline will increase the click-through rate of your site. On top of that, these posts ought to have links because links have a direct correlation to higher rankings.

Another critical step is to ensure that your content is backed up by a social posting in your social media sites. Share this on every social media possible and make sure that you generate engagement. The more likes, shares, and comments that you have, the more you expand your reach. If you have the budget, you can tap influencers who have a lot of followers to help you improve your website’s reach.

Bottom Line

As you can see, boosting your Squarespace site ranking may not be easy but there are many ways that you can get it done. Use these methods to gain better ranking and leads. Work hard by generating quality content and invest your time in growing your brand, so you can reap the rewards.