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10 Things to Include on Your B2B Services Page to Increase Leads

Generating leads for your B2B company can feel overwhelming. More than half of B2B businesses say generating leads is the most difficult aspect of marketing themselves. But the fact is that it is much easier than you might think.

Your services page is an excellent place to get customers more invested in your business, and it’s the perfect place to generate leads. This part of your site primes potential customers to connect with you and commit to your services; they might just need a little prompting from your team, which you can do once you have leads. Below are 10 things to include on your B2B services page that will captivate your visitors and increase leads.

Include the Reader

Your service page is about the solutions that you have to offer your customers. Naturally, you’ll be talking a lot about yourself and why you are the best at what you do, right? Your services page should clearly explain why you are the obvious choice for a consumer, but they need to see themselves in your explanations as well.

Make sure that your reader is involved in each of your services. Speak to their specific needs and show why you are the best solution for them, but also explain the role they will play. B2B services operate around the idea that you are working together to make your clients’ goals come to fruition. Show them that you are on their team, and that the services you offer intimately involve them.

Take Away the Work of Searching

We mean all of the work. Often times, B2B companies offer a pretty involved list of services. This is great for your customer, because it means you can meet a ton of their needs. But it can harm you in some ways. Potential customers can be overwhelmed or get lost on your services page if you list them out one by one in a long line.

One way to remedy this is to remove the need for visitors to skim through long lists. Give your readers a “What are you looking for?” section that narrows down their options. Have them enter in their information so you can convert their searching to a lead. Once they click on a broader category, then they can be redirected to a smaller, more manageable list of services you provide. You help them find what they’re looking for, and you get a lead in the process.


Let’s say you don’t have dozens of services to offer, and the use of a form like the one we mentioned above isn’t necessary. You still want to keep your services organized and clear. To increase leads, you have to give customers the opportunity to see what you offer. You might do this with a table, with columns of related services, or anything else that makes the user experience pleasant and convenient.

If your customers have a hard time understand what you offer, they probably aren’t going to solicit your services. But if you can prove that you are organized, clear, concise, and you offer what they need, the chances of that interaction turning into a lead are high.

Sprinkle in Customer Success Stories

Testimonials go a long, long way when someone is looking for products or services. A user is way more likely to utilize the services of a company who has positive reviews against companies who offer the exact same services but who have no reviews—or worse, negative reviews.

Put the successes of your current customers front and center so your potential customers can have a taste of what they can expect when they choose to work with you. When you make yourself appealing, gaining leads is effortless because your customers want to come to you for help.

Don’t Forget SEO

Your services page is so much more than just a list of what you have to offer. Like every other page on your site, it’s also a tool that can be strategically used to bring people to you. Utilize beautiful design, multimedia, and quality written content so that users will stay on your page. Once you’ve got them there, capitalize on their curiosity and have them give you their email. If you can practice good SEO techniques on your services page, you will draw people in, making lead generation a piece of cake.

Give a Call to Action

When customers have arrived at your services page, you are in a great position to get their information. By this point, they at least have an idea that you can provide a solution for them. Take advantage of this to get their information via a call to action. Have them sign up to learn more about you, download and read your newsletters, or anything else that would appeal to your audience, so you can have a way to reach them after they leave your site.

Ask Questions Your Customers Want the Answer to

You should know your customer base well enough to specifically address their pain points. Put in writing the questions they want answered, even if they don’t know to ask you themselves. How will you help their team? How will you make their business more successful? Use good written content to communicate that you are the best choice for them, then give them an opportunity to try your services for free, get their team organized, or whatever service or product you provide, with a call to action. Sometimes customers just need to be nudged in the right direction. When you anticipate their needs and show you’re the solution, they will throw their contact information your way.

Give Away Free Stuff

Creating something of value and giving it away for free is a great way to make yourself authoritative and useful. You know what types of resources and tools are most helpful for clients seeking you out. Use that knowledge and your skills to make something that they can use. In exchange for a free resource, ask customers for their emails. It takes work on the front end, but once you have created something to give away, you can capitalize on that for the long term.

Your service page is where customers land looking for help. Meet their needs in a tangible and immediate way by providing original content or tools that turn into immediate leads.

Be Transparent about Pricing

Your customers want to know what they’re getting into. An effective way of getting customers to give you their information and remain curious about your services is to be transparent about your pricing. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving your exact prices, but you could give an estimation or a price range for what you have to offer. This keeps them interested and gives you an opportunity to draw them in further without wasting their time.

Give a Clear Message

The most important thing about your B2B services page is that it’s clear. Your customers need to be able to discern exactly what you are offering without having to search around on your site. Use specific language but avoid keyword stuffing in attempts to rank. Be sincere, genuine, and be clear about what you have to offer—and why you’re the best.


You can have the best products and services on the market, but if no one knows about you, you aren’t going to make sales. Including the above features on your B2B services page will increase your leads, and ultimately, your sales.