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For eCommerce and website owners, bloggers, writers, and business owners, content is at the heart of successful online marketing. While there has been a debate in recent months on the long-term importance of SEO, there is no doubt that it is here to stay, in one form or another.

SEO is “search engine optimization“, and it is the aspect of content creation that appeals to the “machine side” of your marketing campaigns. Search engines pick up on the keywords, links, and other meta information that then results in rankings that Google assigns to your content based on the value.

The Importance of Understanding SEO

If you can figure out this system, you are well on the way to succeeding as an online website, whether you a new business owner or a seasoned professional.

One component of SEO is backlinking. The importance of backlinking and external links cannot be underestimated. Google ranks sites in part based on the outgoing links to your site because they view your site as more valuable if a lot of sites link out to yours.

In this post, we take a look at 12 factors that make your content link-worthy and encourage others to link out to your content.

12 Factors that Influence Link and SEO Building

1. Good Writing

One of the most critical factors that you should include when writing content for your sites is the quality of your content. Despite all of the various Google algorithm updates and changes that have occurred over the years, good writing style and exciting content is at the heart of great content. You may have the best SEO in place possible that brings people to your site, but you must be able to keep them there once they see your content. Keeping your content high in quality will ensure that you can keep the interest of your target audience.

2. Useful/Valuable Content

Creating value with your content is paramount to creating content that will make others want to link to your sites. Whether you do this from your blog or your main website landing page, you need to think about what makes content valuable to your target audience and focus on this. In order to create value with your content, you need to know what people value and what they want. You can do this with surveys or other methods including paying attention to the comments and posts your customers make on your site or through customer service emails.

3. Be a resource

Your site may not be the most important site to others, but it can be a great resource. If you can add value to a site’s services or provide an extra link that site owners will want to share with others, you will be able to get more people to link out to your site. To do this, study the content of the sites that you want as an external link, then contact them and tell them what you’d like to include to help their target audience. This can be especially effective and beneficial for you if you approach “influencer sites.” By connecting with key influencers in your industry or niche, you can increase your impact because the influencer is recommending your site for further research.

4. Speak as one having authority

When you create content, you should always focus on SEO marketing content but also to focus on the level of expertise that you communicate to your readers. This will appeal to other site owners or individual bloggers who want to share your information with their readers. Look for podcast sites also as these sites tend to have a good following and can help you increase both your SEO content marketing and engagement level to get more backlinks.

5. Interactive Content

Interactive content with video and media will increase your engagement level, as well as your content and SEO. Include a video on your main page to improve views and interest among your followers. This one action can also greatly improve your SEO content because it will get your content listed in Google under the “video” tab as independent searches. In addition to this, if you place your video on YouTube, you will pull in searchers who find you on YouTube as well who may never locate your website directly.

6. Increase links to others

One way to increase your backlinks is to increase links to other sites. Links that go out to other sites are known as outbound links, while links that are coming to your page are “inbound” links. These links are also known as “backlinks.” It is important to get as many backlinks as possible and, while Google denies making this a part of the ranking, it is a part of SEO and does help shape your overall ranking over time. It is also tied to the quality of your content which helps rank you higher.

7. Contact Site Owners for link building

Link building doesn’t just happen. You don’t depend on “chance” or “luck” for other aspects of your business or advertising strategy, so why depend on the roll of the dice for something as important as link building? Instead of depending on chance, take the initiative by contacting the site owners of sites that you want to link out to your page. Show them what you can do to help their site and ask them to link to you. You may even offer to make a guest post on their site to help their traffic if you are in a similar niche area.

8. Strong Titles and Headlines

Creating great content is not enough to draw attention to your site. You also need a great title and headline to boost engagement. Even if your content is great, people may choose not to read it if it does not have an enticing headline. It’s a good idea to get some ideas on what makes a great title by browsing other articles titles and experimenting with different types of wording. Wordstream offers some tips on how to choose a great title for your content that will draw in your audience and get them to read your content.

9. Make it easy

Entrepreneur Magazine recommends focusing on making it easy for people to link to your site. You can do this by providing the HTML code or URL for your site with a headline that says, “Link to Us.”

10. Use social media

Social media is a great tool to encourage links to your social media pages, as well as your websites. Provide a link to your Facebook page and put your URL on your Facebook so people can link to that, too.

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12. Build relationships

Building relationships are what SEO marketing content is all about. You are not just writing content. You are promoting relationships between your company and your clients, vendors, and other sites. When you focus on building relationships with others, you will get links more easily and improve your impact on the online environment.

Bringing it all together

Building links are just one aspect of content and SEO, but it is important. Start by using these tips and focus on building content that draws the attention of search engines and people, while also building links and connections with those that you can benefit the most from.

SEO content marketing starts with “one small step,” but you can build an empire if you work on it a little every day.

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