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Walk-In Clinic Marketing Ideas To Get More Patients

Walk-in Clinics have some of the hardest struggles when it comes to marketing their businesses. You have a product, but your target market is a wide range of people. You live to serve anyone who needs help and you do so on an already stretched budget. So how do you make it work? How do you figure out the best way to market your business and let people know you are there to help them out? Your goal isn’t necessarily to look like a big marketing campaign but to let people know you are there to help and serve. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best marketing ideas for walk=in clinics whether you are a small office or serving a large community.

Connect with you local HOA

Connect with your local HOA’s and apartment networks or real estate agents. Provide small well-packaged gift baskets full of first aid kits, coupons and other necessities a new family or a new student might need as they move in. Brand everything with your phone number and address. Include pamphlets that provide information on the services you provide. This is also great for homeless shelters and shelters for abuse. You can also consider offering this product to schools as well. These are great to pass out in neighborhoods, as long as you are getting them in the hands of the customers that you intend to serve.

Team up with charities

Working on a budget is hard, but this could still benefit you. Perhaps you can provide some sort of free screening or maybe some sort of gift card for your company. Team up with a local charity drive to give it away, but make sure it is only good for your company. You can even narrow it down to specific locations if you are looking to target local audiences rather than a wide selection. These would do especially well at Christmas and maybe you can even include a $10 visa card or something as well to make it a little more meaningful or memorable.

Offer a Free pop up clinic

Several years ago a small dentist company started doing little popups around a small town. They didn’t charge and offered free checkups and cleanings for those who needed it. Sure it probably cost them a lot, but they saw an ROI within a few years as they became a local chain in the small town and surrounding communities. Think about what your community needs. Can you offer cancer screenings? Lab tests? Offer these in a pop-up format and have little fliers and business cards that customers can take home with them so they will remember your name and information.

Information Booths

Most small towns have little holiday gatherings. Make sure your clinic is front and center, but instead of offering just a simple first aid kit, make your booth fun with games related to your service. If you offer dental health consider something like bobbing for teeth or hit the cavity (kind of like hit the bottle but find some cute teeth to use). If you’re a health clinic you can try something like a large came of Operation or something of that sort. You can make it as simple or extreme as you like, but fairs are known for their cute games. This way, your booth will stand out and you can still give a little information about what you do when the games are over.

Pair Up With Community Shops

Get your community involved. Ask your local restaurants or gas stations to pass out flyers for you. They are often happy to leave business cards on their counters, but consider asking them to hand the customers flyers when they leave or when they take to-go orders with their menus. It’ll put your name in the client’s hand. You can even ask the businesses to let you or an employee hang out for a day to pass out flyers either outside the door at just inside the shop. Perhaps you could even return the favor by included menus for the company or coupons for customers that walk into the clinic.

Another way to pair up

People who walk into clinics are either in an emergency or usually on the lower end of the financial scale. Consider what your customer’s needs may be and try to connect with local businesses to ask for small gift cards for your customers. In turn, provide small goodies for the businesses to pass out to their customers. This way you provide the need for two different groups of people and people will remember your company should they need your assistance for a walk-in rather than just providing a business card or flyer with your information on it. Providing a small discount or gift card or even a first aid kit will be more memorable than a piece of paper.

Redefine First Aid Kits

Every first aid kit out there comes with basic supplies, but if you can go for a little extra, you can provide clients with something they need that stands out basic hygiene tools can be hard to find when it comes to disasters, but you can get bulk kits on amazon to include in your kit for less than a dollar a pack. Heating blankets can also be a necessity when a natural disaster strikes. You can purchase several thermal blankets on amazon for a small fee to make your first aid kits stand out from the market. Consider what disasters are most likely to hit your local area and find a way to meet the needs of customers in ways that are personal and memorable.

Walk-In Clinics Are About Help

Walk-in-in Clinics are about providing help to others. How can you market something that has a wider target market than most products and is meant to help all? This list is a good idea to get started with. Consider your budget and what your organization could be capable of. Remember to consider the size of employees and the amount of help your willing to give each day. What does that look like? From there, try one or two of the ideas mentioned above on a small scale and see how your neighborhood reacts. After you can choose to go with another plan or upgrade whatever you’ve already created. The goal for your walk-in clinic should be to think outside of the box, as they say, and make sure people know how much you care about their community and are willing to help meet their healthcare needs.