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Tips For Designing A Vehicle Wrap That People Will Remember

Whether you have a performance vehicle or just want to advertise your business, vehicle wraps are a great way to do so. However, not all vehicle wraps are created equal. If you want to have a wrap that displays a powerful message that will remain in the eyes of those who view it, you need to be following these 10 necessary tips.

Start By Photographing The Vehicle

At the most basic level, you need to have a wrap that fits your vehicle correctly. The best way to do this is to get out your camera and tape measure. You want to take pictures of all four sides, the hood, and the roof. Be sure to take these pictures head-on so that there is no distortion when you’re undergoing the planning process later on down the road. Don’t be afraid to take multiple pictures of each side of the vehicle as that will give you options to choose from.

When taking pictures, you’ll want to notate key parts that will alter your design needs. These include things like body breaks, door handles, rivets, extreme curves, and any other protruding parts of your vehicle. In addition, you’ll want to take measurements of the key areas the wrap will be covering. This includes the sides, hood, rear, roof, and bumper. Be sure to take measurements to where the body breaks, handles, and other protruding surfaces lie. This way, you can plan your design around these areas to ensure your wrap comes out as clear as possible for your viewers on the roadway.

Make A List Of Must-Haves For Your Design

If you’re considering ordering a vehicle wrap, then you’ve likely been assessing possible designs in your mind. On the basis of those designs are key elements that you want to include in your wrap. These are usually things like your logo, a catchy phrase, your phone number, feelings you want to evoke, and potential pricing information. Write these key elements down now in a shortlist. This way, when you get to the designing phase you don’t get too caught up and miss essential elements you wanted. You can always check your final design against your shortlist to ensure everything was properly included.

Know What Other Brands Are Doing

There’s nothing worse than paying to wrap your vehicle only to find out that your competitor has a similar wrap. It will be hard for patrons to tell you both apart. Instead, you should do some research on what your competitors and other brand are doing in regard to vehicle wraps. If your close competitors don’t have any vehicle wraps, you should do some research online. Look for vehicle wrap examples in your industry to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t like.

Try Not To Overcrowd Your Design

It can be very easy to want to put many items into your vehicle wrap. The truth is that the simpler you keep it, the easier it’s going to be for people to read it. When you go all out, it’s very difficult for people to zone in on what’s going on in the design. Since they’ll only likely see your wrap for a few moments when driving down the road, you want to ensure that you get your message across in a simple and easy to read manner.

Make Sure Your Design Showcases Your Industry

Even the coolest looking vehicle wraps can bring in no business for a client. This typically happens when the wrap doesn’t showcase the industry that the business is in. If people driving by your vehicle had no idea what your company was all about, they should be able to figure out your industry in a few seconds. This could be as simple as throwing a hammer into the design of a contracting business or a window in for a window installation business. Dumb down your design so that it’s very easy for any viewer to know what your business provides.

Use Bright Colors Appropriately

One vital component of any effective vehicle wrap is bright colors. When your wrap has bright colors, it can be viewed quickly from long distances. This way, viewers are already curious to know what your vehicle wrap has to say before they ever get near it. Be careful with the colors that you use together. You want to ensure that your design flows together instead of being distracting to the eye.

When you choose your bright colors, you need to be aware of the emotions that they evoke. Experienced designers can help you to choose designs that evoke the emotions that you’re looking to in your target audience. For example, red evokes the emotion of love and blue evokes the feeling of security. Therefore, if you’re looking to advertise a senior care center, then red may be the right color. If you’re a roadside assistance vehicle, you may want to include blue in your color scheme to make viewers feel secure.

Bold Lettering Is A Must

You have to remember that you want all the people passing by your vehicle to learn about your business and how you can potentially help them. For this reason, you’ll need to have bold lettering that stands out even far away. You should be very careful with your typeface as some may seem legible when small but become illegible the larger they get. A professional designer can help you to choose the right typeface for your needs.

Make Sure Your Design Works If The Doors Are Open

One component of design that many people tend to overlook when designing their vehicle wrap is how the vehicle would look when being used. If you’re actively making a delivery and your doors are open, what will the message read? If you’ve seen the top 10 worst vehicle wraps gone wrong, you’ve seen where Starbucks made a big blunder. While the side of their van read Starbucks when the door was closed, when the door was slide open, it changed to Sucks. This is a big mistake. You should look at your final design to see if there will be any avoidable blunders before you pull the trigger on the design.

Make Elements Larger Than Life

One amazing way to ensure that your vehicle wrap is a memorable one is to create elements that are larger than life. People tend to remember things that are oversized. A great example of this was a zoo who was advertising on a public transportation bus. They had a snake wrapped all the way around the bus multiple times. If you can imagine a large snake clenching around a public transportation bus, then you can probably incur why this larger than life animal can make viewers remember the advertisement for the zoo.

Check Your Design Against Protruding Features

Another check over step that you’ll want to take before deciding on a final vehicle wrap to have done is to look at the protruding features. In the first tip above, you notated the protruding elements of your vehicle that can alter the design. Now, ensure that your design elements are obstructed or blundered by these protrusions. For example, you don’t want your lettering to be cut off by a body break. It will make the end design look unprofessional.

Creating a powerful and memorable vehicle wrap isn’t overly difficult to do. In fact, the best vehicle wrap designers have a list of key elements that they ensure are included in every design they do. The above are 10 key elements that you should have included in your vehicle wrap design. This will ensure it’s unique, eye-catching, and unforgettable for anyone that passes your vehicle.