Doryan Algarra /// Web Designer & Illustrator

designing great website experiences

Doryan seemed to be born with a knack for all things artistic. Growing up in Northern New Jersey, he was fed a daily dose of sarcasm and comic books, where instead of dreaming about being the superhero, he dreamed of drawing the superheroes. As life tends to be unpredictable, he later found himself fixing computers in the military and his artistic outlet was put on hold. This was until he discovered the treasure that is Photoshop and digital art.

Doryan has since devoted his life to web design, web development, illustration and anything web design related and now boasts being a full-stack designer with over 15 years experience working closely with UX Designers, Developers and Product Managers to lead and design experiences that are cohesive and intuitive for web and mobile products.

Soon after he was honorably discharged, he joined a start up tech company in Chapel Hill, NC where he expanded my skills from hardware and software to design and internet related applications. During this time he enrolled and graduated from ECPI Technical College with a degree in Information Technology / Networking and then received his bachelors degree from Drexel.

When not designing and coding, Doryan loves to watch indie movies, browse any nearby Apple store, fiddle with his iPhone, drink lots and lots of coffee and pretend to be “away” on his IM while drawing illustrations.