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building communities of brand advocates for your business

With 80% small businesses using social media for their business to drive growth, and 60% small businesses saying they’ve gained new customers by using social media, it’s time to get strategic with your small business social media strategy.

Our small business social media agency can help you build a community on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, manage your current communities, or create new profiles and communities to help drive traffic and sales.


We believe social media should be integrated across all teams, so we provide social media training classes to help facilitate this integration, and advance the culture and maturity of your social media marketing within your business.


These SEO training classes cover topics such as community building, social media and customer service, how to manage negative feedback, and more.


Before building any marketing strategy it is important to understand internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.


We audit your social media channels to help uncover opportunities for growth, or where your accounts are non-compliant. We will dive into your social media analytics as well as your communities and analyze variables such as; channel value; community value; engagement peaks; and content value


There are companies out there who offer free social media profile building for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages. We know that this can be enticing since your small business budget may be small, but with the complexities and strategies that go into social media marketing, “Free” can actually hurt your business.


We have a team of senior-level designers and social media strategists who can help your small business build custom social media profiles that represent your brand and which your communities want to engage with.


Content is at the core of any great social media strategy, and without it, building a solid community around your small business is near impossible. Once you have a community built, publishing new content and engaging with community members play a vital role in managing your online reputation, creating brand solidarity, and positively diffusing negative feedback.


We will identify content to share, create new content that can be shared on your social media profiles, and engage with community members who engage with your business.

How do you succeed with Social media?

Our team in Chicago believes that social media is about building communities, loyalty, and brand advocates for your brand. This is accomplished by creating and sharing engaging content that aligns with your small business brand and speaks to the beliefs and values of the individuals you want within your community.