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SEO For Pharmaceutical Brands – Tips To Rank Better in Google

Pharmaceutical companies play a large role in many peoples’ lives. Approximately 55% of adult Americans take some prescription medicine. As time goes by, newer products are being introduced to the public. However, certain roadblocks keep the industry from increasing at a steady pace. For example, regulating agencies are imposing strict rules on safety and efficacy. Also, generic drug manufacturers have increased competition and have made it more costly to launch new medicines. Advertising and marketing are not always easy for pharma companies. Here are three of the biggest marketing challenges that face this industry. After recognizing the issues, it is important to identify seven tips to help pharmaceutical businesses rank better in Google.

Top Three Pharma Industry Marketing Challenges

1. Creating Effective Communication Channels to Battle Regulating Restrictions

In the past, most pharmaceutical sales relied on the face-to-face promotion of products. However, many new laws, industry codes, and constraints have been put into place. These items present challenges for this type of selling technique. For example, the Physician Payment Sunshine Act requires heightened transparency of financial ties between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufactures. Restrictions like this have made it more difficult for drug representatives to meet with physicians. New communication channels are necessary.

Many companies are beginning non-personal promotion campaigns. These allow pharma to associate with healthcare workers through digital marketing channels. They do not replace sales representatives. Instead, they bring a cost-effective way to promote products as it is becoming harder and harder to schedule meetings at medical facilities. By using email, representatives can pass along meaningful information about new offerings. Physicians can access this information more conveniently.

2. Loss of Product Differentiation

In today’s world of competition and technology, it takes a much shorter time for a competing product to enter the market after the launch of another. This makes it tough for doctors to differentiate between the various products, especially when they both rely on client trials. It is becoming necessary for pharmaceutical companies to develop some differentiation to stay on top. For instance, Fierce Pharma points out that Xarelto, an anticoagulant drug from Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, was the second drug of its kind introduced to the market. It set itself apart by offering once-a-day dosing. This helped it to become a market leader. It is becoming more and more important for pharmaceutical companies to conduct post-launch studies as well.

3. Creating an Innovative Consumer Engagement Model

To maintain access and remain relevant to doctors, drug manufacturers must develop innovative consumer engagement modeling to enhance the selling process and improve consumer experience. It is essential to relate more pertinent information to physicians during meetings and to identify patient needs better. When doctors are impressed by a pharmaceutical company’s offerings, the company will likely experience better success.

Tips to Help Rank Better in Google

Besides face-to-face selling, it is essential to pay attention to online presence. With the high levels of competition, it is vital to uncover ways to rank as high as possible on Google search results.

1. Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Today, most people get information from their phones or similar small mobile devices. It is essential to create a website that is optimized for mobile use. This means that it will include a higher amount of swipe-based commands. Along with this idea, the user experience must be heightened. When a site is mobile-friendly, tasks should be simple to complete with a few swipes. A website should be easy to navigate and should provide proper information without misdirecting consumers.

2. Add Backlinks

Keywords used to be essential for high SEO rankings. Today, this is not as important. It is more vital to promote sites. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies often face restrictions. Today, Google’s algorithms have been changed. It places more emphasis on backlinks, which pharmaceutical companies should use most beneficially. They must include shareable content and make sure that descriptions include great details.

3. Ensure Quick Loading Time

The main goal of SEO for pharmaceutical companies is to rank for consumer searches, but there is more to it than making sure that keywords are proper. Few people keep in mind that it is vital to have a site that loads quickly. Ideally, a website should take no longer than three seconds to load. Even though it seems like a few seconds wouldn’t make a difference, companies lose a high conversion rate when lag is present.

4. Consider Using Long-Tail Keywords

Many people focus too much on one or two keywords for search results. In pharmaceutical sales, it is smarter to concentrate on long-tail keywords or keywords that contain three or more words. Even though they may have a lower search count, the searches will likely increase interest in the pharmaceutical offerings. For instance, if a company is marketing a drug that treats chronic migraines, it is better to optimize a precise term like “chronic migraine medication” over a generic keyword phrase like “headache medicine.” Shifting CEO efforts toward long-tail keywords provides an advantage, especially when it comes to attracting the sector that relates to this drug and to the people it treats.

5. Optimize Each Page of the Website

A pharmaceutical company must make sure that every page of its website is optimized. It is essential to include meta tags, header text, and descriptions for images. Keywords may matter, but it is vital to stick to the most relevant items. It is essential to avoid stuffing website content with keywords as well. If this occurs, SEO will rank poorly.

6. Create Solid Content

The pharmaceutical industry may have difficulty taking advantage of social media platforms, so it is essential to generate solid content. For example, if a company offers CBD, the text should include cited studies. This provides consumers with confidence and helps Google sort the content as valuable. Once a pharmaceutical company offers pertinent information, it will be shared and may generate helpful backlinks.

Pharmaceutical companies face marketing challenges that are unique to the industry. Understanding how to rank well within Google can increase business. Since most social media sites are not allowed to advertise products like supplements, CBD, and similar offerings, a plan must be in place to improve SEO. The above tips should help to overcome current marketing roadblocks. To gain online attention, it is vital to heighten search engine optimization. The mentioned tactics should be implemented into a plan for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry to gain success.