Anyone who owns an eCommerce business is at least familiar with seo (search engine optimization) and knows that it is crucial to their success. The good news is that content is one of the best tools in a business owner’s seo toolbox. Since most eCommerce websites have a wealth of content, all that’s required is knowing how to use it to drive more traffic to their sites and aid them in the goal of attaining the best possible search engine rankings.

The bad news? Google’s algorithm, and those of other key search engines, can change at any time. Without warning, what a business owner thinks they know about eCommerce seo can change. Wise merchants must be perpetual students where seo is concerned, staying on top of such changes, understanding how the changes impact traffic to their stores, and being able to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

What’s the best use of ecommerce site content to maximize seo efforts and to increase conversion rates? While many online stores feature a wealth of design and content on their front door and category pages, they fail to realize that the product pages are the actual point of sale. Sparse product pages without images or anything aside from standard order forms not only diminish consumer trust, they can be the deal breaker — not what seals the deal.

The product pages of your ecommerce site should be the strongest and crafted to be a powerful sales tools. The following seo tips for ecommerce product pages can be used to build traffic to your site and to improve your ranking in the top search engines.

Unique Product Descriptions

To save time, especially when there is an abundance of products in an eCommerce store, it’s common to copy and paste in the manufacturer’s description of any given product. While it’s easier for the site owner and saves time, consumers aren’t so easily fooled. By the time they’ve reached your site, the likelihood that they know the standard, generic description for the product they’re interested in is pretty high. Generic product descriptions will ruin any chance that consumers will find in your eCommerce business something intriguing and original. By writing original product descriptions, you give your store an edge and prevent the damage that duplicate content can do to your search engine ranking.

Correct SEO Tagging

When one considers how to rank product pages, one technique that can’t be overlooked is correct seo tagging. This is an area that has seen substantial changes over the last ten years. When it comes to best seo tagging practices, it’s imperative to have the latest information. It’s crucial to know that certain tags, like the meta keywords tag, don’t have the value they once did so you won’t spend unnecessary time on them. Then you can focus on the tags that are vital to seo for eCommerce product pages such as title, meta content type, meta description, and viewport.

Page Structure

The structure of your site is a commonly overlooked but important factor in ecommerce seo. If you control the structure of your ecommerce store and its pages, you control the value given to each of your articles and pages by the top search engines. If your site isn’t using proper structure, your seo efforts will suffer for it. The structure is of particular value to Google who uses it as a guide for your visitors on where to find the most important content. Learning and utilizing good page structure also keeps your content from competing against itself and helps you stay on top of housekeeping duties with old content being regularly removed and all site links checked regularly to ensure they work properly.

Include Videos

Videos can be of great use in seo for ecommerce product pages, particularly when used close to the conversion points of your site. While that sounds easy enough, keep in mind the videos should meet certain criteria when used on your product pages. They should be high quality, engaging, easy to understand and serve a purpose like explaining how a product is used or applied. Make sure the videos are original and not a competition rip-off. Be certain to monitor their results carefully so you can gauge what consumers like best and tailor your future promotion efforts accordingly.

Include Professional Images

It’s true that top-quality, professional images are super important in seo for product pages. That being said, there’s a bit more to it than having professional images taken of your products. Make sure any images used for your ecommerce site are the right images to best interest consumers in your products. Ensure each image is optimized for search engines, meaning each has a good name and alt text, is responsive and sized properly to load quickly on the consumer’s computer or device. Images that are slow to load are one of the top reasons buyers will abandon one site in favor of another. Make sure that doesn’t happen on your site.

Generate Reviews

The value of favorable consumer reviews is not only of great benefit to the seo for product pages, it helps establish your reputation. With high numbers of consumers saying online reviews greatly influence their buying decisions, they are an aspect of seo marketing that can’t be ignored. There are many ways to acquire reviews for your eCommerce site so this is an area of seo worthy of a time commitment.

Read more: Tips for generating business reviews.

Positive User Metrics

User experience metrics over the last few years have gained in importance as organic search grows and as its correlation to increased revenue is made known. Ideally, what you want for your site is a low bounce rate, a good amount of time per user spent on your site, and a good number of page views per visit. By finding a way to monitor these metrics and then making adjustments to your eCommerce site to get the desired results, you’ll take your seo efforts to the next level and increase traffic to your site.

Internal Links From Relevant Blogs

Internal linking on ecommerce sites can be done for a variety of reasons. Proper use of internal links enhances navigation on the site, establishes the hierarchy and architecture of the site (important for search engine ranking), and identifies page authority and ranking throughout your site. Effective linking doesn’t mean placing a link to your home or contact page as often as you can, because doing so may actually have a negative impact on your seo efforts. Rather it pertains to linking to relevant information deep within your site. For best results, do your homework on the best types of links to utilize and how many links to properly use.

Product FAQs Section

A frequently asked question section addresses the most commonly asked questions about your business. But a FAQ section can do much more for you than that. It saves customers time by answering the most common questions as opposed to having them contact customer support. It’s also an integral part of your seo for product pages that aids consumers in making their final purchasing decisions, and by giving you a chance to show expertise, as well as enhance your reputation, by allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge of a given product.

Product How To Use Section

Having a How To Use section for your product pages, not only builds a reputation for your business but also allows you to display a level of expertise and knowledge of your products that will inspire consumer trust. For those considering how to rank product pages for best results, developing and regularly updating a How To Use section for their eCommerce site will be well worth the time and effort.

We hope these seo tips for eCommerce product pages gives you what you need to evaluate your site’s current seo and make adjustments to improve your conversation rate and increase your sales. Remember that the best seo experts never stop learning and that seo done well requires time and patience along with a strong knowledge base. The changes you make to your seo for eCommerce product pages might not instantly net the results you want, but in time, may put you on the right track to a site with an amazing search engine ranking and an edge over the sites of your competition.

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