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What is search engine optimization (SEO)? When defining SEO we wanted to make sure we took Google’s goal into consideration. Their goal is to connect users, with the most relevant, inclusive, and contextual content available. So, the job of the modern day SEO is to help websites create valuable contextual experiences built on a strong foundation that aligns with a website’s primary personas and user journeys. Defining the job of the SEO professional in this way aligns with Google’s goal, and helps Google find, understand, and rank the best experiences – ultimately driving valuable traffic to your website.

what is seoSEO Goals

At its core we believe SEO strategies, above all else, must provide value to a website’s target personas, and the brand as a whole. So everything we do is rooted in long term value. In the new definition of SEO, there are two primary SEO goals that all the strategies roll up into.

SEO Goal #1:

Create targeted and valuable experiences and content to earn high-value traffic.

SEO Goal #2:

Increase conversions and user satisfaction by creating an environment that allows the user to connect directly with the content that best matches their intent.

Benefits of the New SEO

  1. Helps manage online reputation.
  2. Protects against traffic loss during site migrations and redesigns.
  3. Protects against being penalized by search engines.
  4. Lowers risk of ranking loss due to an algorithm update.
  5. Increases ROI and conversions.
  6. Increases user satisfaction from those coming from search and referral channels.
  7. Better matches user intent with content sets.
  8. Improve website usability and brand satisfaction.
  9. Increases not only traffic quantity but also traffic quality.
  10. Earned social shares and engagement from influencers.
  11. Earned links and citations on high-value websites.

Traditional SEO vs. User-focused SEO

Traditional SEOUser-focused SEO
Algorithm Is The FocusUsers And Personas Are The Focus
Hyper-targeted Short ArticlesIn-depth Articles
Focus On KeywordsTopic Focused Writing
Content UniquenessContent Value
Content QualityContent Quality
Specific SEO TacticsBrand Building
Link BuildingRelationship Building
Buying LinksEarning Links
Quick WinsLong-term Strategy
SEO Is Completed At The End Of The ProcessSEO Is Included Throughout The Process
Accountability Is On The SEO TeamSEO Accountability Is On Every Team
SEO Compliance Is The Responsibility Of The SEO TeamSEO Compliance Is The Responsibility Of Every Team
SEO Opperates In A SiloThe SEO Data Layer Is Integrated Into Every Process
Mass MarketingPeople Marketing

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