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SEO Client Questionnaire

SEO Discovery Call Questions

In the spirit of helping other SEO companies step up their game, we have put together a list of questions we typically address within our SEO discovery call process.

Business QuestionsAnswer
Is your business primarily online or offline?
What organizations or associations are you a part of?
What businesses/consultants have you contracted with in the past?
Define every business you currently have a working relationship with. (i.e. suppliers, manufacturers, partners, etc.)
Is your company involved with in anyway any charities or non-profits?
Are you in the process of making any changes to the website?
Do you have any in-house or contracted web developers? Designers?
How long has your website been active?
How has the company grown over the past three years? What helped and what fell short?
What other key projects is the company focusing on in the next three to six months?
What other marketing strategies (both offline and online) do you employ?
Is your business or any of your products seasonal?
How much revenue are you currently generating from organic search on a monthly basis?
Are you currently doing any Pay Per Click advertising?
Does your brand have a voice and personality?
What is your biggest marketing challenge?
Technical SEO QuestionsAnswer
What is the underlying tech for the website (WordPress, cms, custom, files)?
What is the process for making changes (code review / testing / deployment)?
Do you have in-house developers?
What is your deployment schedule / cycle?
Have you ever received a warning notice in Google Webmaster Tools?
Have you had a full scale technical audit performed on your website before?
If your website fully responsive?
If your website mobile friendly?
Do you submit your sitemap to Google?
How is your sitemap file created/managed?
Content Strategy QuestionsAnswer
Are there priority keyword targets? If so,what are they?
Where are the keyword targets derived from?
Which priority keywords have the highest profit and conversion rate?
Is there an appetite to create in-depth content?
Do you have an editorial calendar or editorial plan in place for your blog or website?
Do you have in-house designers and copywriters to create content assets?
Do you currently have a content governance policy?
Do you have a blog, forum, or newsletter? How much interaction do you see from them?
Link Building and Digital PR QuestionsAnswer
Were any links built to the site previously?
Do you currently have a PR team?
To your knowledge has there been any link building activities that would inhibit or hurt rankings (such as buying links, or comment and forum spam)?
Social Media QuestionsAnswer
What are you social media goals?
Has there been a social media strategy created?
What are you follower counts for each social network?
Do you currently use your social media profiles for content distribution?
Are you purchasing any Paid Ads on social networks?
Measurement Strategy QuestionsAnswer
Do you currently have analytics setup on your website?
Do you have Google Webmaster Tools set up?
How do you currently attract most of your customers / clients / patients?
Who is your target audience?
What are your primary business goals?
Are you looking to drive branded recognition, non-branded recognition or both?
How do you determine your SEO success metrics and targets?
What positive indicators have you measured? What negative indicators have your measured?
What is the average life time value of a customer?
What does the sales cycle look like?
What are the current conversion rates?
What conversion actions can visitors take on your website?
What is the most important success metric that will be used to gauge success?
What positive indicators have you measured? What negative indicators have your measured?
Have your search rankings ever dropped drastically? If so, when and for how long?
If your selling products on your website, which products have the best profit margins?
Campaign LogisticsAnswer
How would you prefer to receive updates (weekly status meetings, monthly reports, phased)?
Are there others involved (marketing, writing, technical) that we will need to meet with?
Who is the primary point of contact for this project? What is their role (marketing / technical)?
What is your preferred form of contact (email, phone)?
Local SEO Questions (Answer only if trying to rank locally)Answer
What are the 10 most important keywords the company would like to rank locally for?
Your business address. Please specify what type of address it is: office, store, home, virtual office, PO Box, etc.
Do you share this street address with any other businesses (including any other businesses you own)?
Is that the only location of your business? If not, please list the addresses of your other locations and what types of addresses they are (office, storefront, etc.).
Where do you do business with your customers: at your address or at theirs?
Roughly how long has your business been located at that address?
Please list all former / alternate business names, addresses, and phone numbers for the location(s) you’d like my help on.
Your website URL: Is this the only website you use for this business? If not, please list your other sites.
Do you have the ability to make changes to your website whenever you’d like?
Have you ever experienced sudden and steep drops in traffic or rankings in Google? If so, please describe.
Do you have any plans to redesign your site, rename your website, rebrand your business, or move to a new business address in the foreseeable future?
Has your Google Places page ever “disappeared” or taken a severe hit in rankings, to your knowledge?
Do you have access to your Google Places page?
What is the specific city / geographical area you’d like to be visible in?
How do you currently attract most of your customers?
Have you listed your business on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.? If so, who has the login info for those listings?
If I suggested that you write a few pages of info about your services, would you or someone in your company be willing to write those pages (with my guidance)?
Have you ever tried to “build links” to your website, or paid someone else to do so?
Have you worked with any SEO companies in the past? If so, what was your experience?