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Marketing Ideas For Remodeling Companies – That Work If Done Correctly

While there are numerous marketing strategies to choose from, you should be aware that some work better than others. Marketing in the remodeling industry can be quite challenging, mainly because there is much work to be done, including getting and keeping customers and juggling different projects. If you have tried various strategies only to receive less than desirable results or simply contemplating revamping your marketing plans, then it might be time to plan for something new. Taking action is the necessary step in ensuring that you keep attracting customers and making a profit. The following strategies can be quite useful for remodeling companies if done correctly.

Cameras are Your Friend

There is increased video use among remodeling companies as they can help boost your sales and conversions. You can increase your conversions by merely including a product video on your company’s landing page. Additionally, it can lead to sales directly.

Although video production is not a straightforward task, doing the work will eventually pay off. Fortunately, video editing tools and technologies are continually evolving. Besides, you can come up with high-quality videos with your smartphone.

You also do not have to produce perfect videos because content matters more. Ensure that the video of your remodeling projects explains the service or product. While trust is the foundation of sales and conversions, you should strive to build a strong reputation, confidence, and long-lasting relationships.

Assess Your Current Remodeler Marketing Strategies

Before coming up with creative marketing ideas, it is paramount to assess your remodeling company, making sure you know your target customers, the performance of your previous marketing campaigns and strategies, and how to qualify interested prospects. Knowing where you stand helps ensure that you do not repeat past mistakes and identify areas requiring improvement.

The assessment will offer a review of your website’s setup, actionable, concrete advice on ways to get more leads, and free tips for improving your traffic. Your company’s weaknesses and strengths affect your marketing, so it is best to identify them by performing a comprehensive SWOT analysis. You should also assess your existing customers to get a clear picture of your marketplace reputation.

Develop and Provide Premium Content

Besides generating sales, this concept offers an impeccable way to share knowledge. A well-crafted cost comparison guide, eBook, larger infographics, case studies, product guides, spec sheets, and checklist is something potential customers can find helpful. For instance, you can create a list for checking the safety of a safe, a guide book for kitchen design with remodeling considerations, a cost comparison chart for remodeling projects in a specific area.

Before any prospects can access your premium content, they should fill a form indicating their email address, phone number, and name. Premium content comes in handy when you know that your prospective customers require more information to convince them to work with your remodeling company. This type of content is more valuable since it offers comprehensive knowledge.

Develop a Major Project’s Time-Lapse Portfolio

Your remodeling website should have before and after photos to show potential clients what you can do. A time-lapse presentation helps traffic to your website high and gives your prospective clients a better understanding of how your business operates. A time-lapse video offers endless opportunities, including:

  • Provide a company’s unique overview.
  • Showcase an efficient and fast workplace.
  • Document a critical event.
  • Supply information to potential investors or customers.
  • Keep employers informed about things that go on in the company.

Considering the importance of a time-lapse portfolio, you should know how to go about it. The first thing is getting the appropriate equipment, high-quality battery, and finding the best mix between clarity and speed. It helps to have time-lapse recordings of several situations. You can consider seeking an expert to create the portfolio.

Inform and Entertain Your Audience

Teaching your audience about various aspects of remodeling should not get boring. You can make your lessons lively by using infographics and photos. Infographics provide lively and useful ways to describe different remodeling materials or various processes. You can come up with an infographic about any topic but keep your audience’s needs in mind.

There are various excellent tools to help you come with the best infographics. With these tools, you can create valuable, user-friendly designs which the audience can easily understand as they are eye-catching, concise, and entertaining.

Give Away Leftover Materials from a Project

Instead of disposing of the remaining materials once a project is completed, you can donate them to a local charity or not-for-profit organization. Besides saving you the money you would have spent disposing of them properly, it will also benefit the local community.

Additionally, it can offer an effortless way to build your reputation nationally and locally with the right circumstances. You can donate a wide array of materials, ranging from bathroom and kitchen cabinets, toilets, stained-glass doors, pipes to flooring materials.

Hold Contests

Through contests, you can increase your website and social media engagement, helping you achieve different goals. For instance, a competition that encourages viewers to share, comment, or like your post can help increase your engagement in sites like Facebook as it increases your business’s visibility. The incentive you offer for the contest should correspond with the contest’s size. For example, you can give a free design or remodeling consultation for a larger contest.

Remodeling is increasingly becoming a massive industry because consumers are looking to match their homes with their personalities and increase their value. Therefore, remodeling businesses should work to build themselves in the market.