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Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2022

Running a successful brand is harder these days than before. As the world faces changes, brands are also facing a significant change in marketing and more.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical startup or have been in the business for a long, knowing the pharmaceutical digital marketing trends that will shape 2022 is an excellent option to consider. As such, let’s take a look at those marketing trends everyone is talking about:

Contract Development Marketing

In one study, experts identified that the pharmaceutical industry’s value is about to reach over $1.5 trillion between 2022 and 2030. This a significant increase from $1.2 trillion recorded in 2018. Moreover, this growth isn’t brought by anything else apart from most brands’ contract development marketing trends.

According to the study, pharmaceutical startups and big brands need to work on contract bases to strengthen ties between companies and even competitors. This trend aims to shape 2022’s work by increasing contracting manufacturing and distribution partnerships beyond normal. Better yet, the trend focuses on increasing the outsourcing of duties to enable brands to stay at the top with increased sales and customers eventually.

Supply Chain Technologies

While there is a significant change in digital arenas, the supply chain is backed up by a marketing trend of new technologies shaping the industry. With these trends, there is an increase in the supply chain regarding safety and workforce.

According to experts from the medical Futurist, supply chain trends such as robotics and Artificial Intelligent are here to shorten pharmaceutical production cycles and reduce production costs. As a result, these trends aim to shape the industry by ensuring a seamless operation through highly technical innovated machines to offer marketers value in sales and drive large customers.

Focusing and Rethinking on Value Propositions Trends

There has never been a significant change in the pharmaceutical industry looking to boost the business until brands rethink and re-focus on their propositions. These trends aim at adding values to drugs and the manufacturing processes for the near future marketing plans of 2022.

This trend is focused on ensuring stiff competition between different companies; the pharmaceutical industry should ensure they implement the most critical value propositions and other methods to boost brands to the market.

These trends are supported by clinical trials and customer-satisfactory evidence helping patients with super-helpful information for their purchase decisions and more. New value proposition trends are also aimed at ensuring customers’ needs are met at all costs. Therefore, pharmaceutical marketing departments will need to develop new strategies and tactics to support these proposition trends, continuously evolving for better business results in 2022 and beyond.

Embracing the Booming Social Media Marketing Trends

There are no brands currently that aren’t involving themselves with social media marketing. Big brands are working with celebrity endorsements, while others are tremendously posting valuable content on social media to engage customers and more.

For that reason, experts from reputable pharmaceutical brands like Pharmaphorum are leading with effective healthcare systems that are social media-driven, meaning the entire industry is looking to start using social platforms to create helpful health infrastructure that delivers excellent results to customers.

Better yet, the impact of pandemics like Covid-19 and others that have led to social distancing and other demands have contributed to a significant focus on social media than before. As such, reviewing social media marketing trends will help you boost and shape your business in 2022 than avoiding social platforms, which seem to be taking a big part in driving customers and sales.

New Commercial Strategy Trends

Pharmaceutical marketers are now facing a rule for operating within commercial teams. The industry demands marketers to ensure a change in how drugs are sold, especially when customers need face-to-face opportunities to understand prescriptions better.

Moreover, brands will need to review their commercial marketing tactics, which means starting new customer-centric ways, including commercial teams, or coming up with new tactics for marketers to engage customers and know how to develop effective sales decisions.

Patients and Customer Surveys and Feedback Trends

While there are many changes and trends in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the leading trends you can embrace and shape your business in 2022 and beyond is the feedback-at-will and patients’ survey trend.

With this marketing trend at hand, the aim is to ensure your business creates a more customer-centric data collection strategy relative to new products and services. To get the best of this marketing trend, opting to create a system that promptly allows your customers to share their feedback and opinions is an excellent option. Once you have a platform where customers can quickly reach out and share their thoughts, you can collect data and analyze it to create marketing content based on those feedbacks.

Best of all, customer surveys and feedback can help you create effective sales content, product reviews, and updated services, thus boosting your brand identity and drive more customers.

However, your customer survey and feedback system need to be created with the future in mind. By doing this, you’re going to unlock much potential about your target clients and engage and entice their beliefs, which most brands lack in their marketing campaigns.

Embracing the use of Electronic Health Records Taking

According to experts from quantizing, the evolution of electronic health record taking is an excellent option to shape the pharmaceutical industry above the shelves in 2022 and more years to come. As of 2020, electronic health records were recorded as the booming marketing trend for the pharmacy world. Nonetheless, electronic health records help ensure effectiveness in developing marketing tactics that boost engagement rates regarding producing accurate information.

For that reason, patient engagement will only increase with a greater focus on taking accurate information and presenting them with helpful pharmaceutical information. Most importantly, this marketing trend aims at creating super-helpful support via dedicated patient support portals, where they can easily find their records without hassle.

Cell and Gene Therapy Marketing Trends

With the change of things in the pharmaceutical industry, companies are now forced to embrace the new wave of marketing, taking the world by storm — cell and gene therapies. Based on the current hype and fuzzy flooding the internet and other pharmaceutical avenues, cell and gene trends are here to stay, and any brand taking account of these means your business has a future to take the lead in 2022 and beyond.

This trend ensures pharmaceutical brands and professionals offer excellent services to treat and prevent diseases following new developments that prove to help patients than before effectively. When these trends entered the market, the world was informed that new groundbreaking innovations that ensure infections could be curbed with ease when medical procedures are conducted earlier, especially when expected genes for a particular disease in a family have been innovated.

The China Booming Competition Trend

Suppose you’ve closely paid attention to what is happening in the pharmaceutical industry. In that case, China seems to be encouraging a more fantastic shaping of pharmaceutical businesses soon based on its daily innovations. China’s rise in innovations is treated as a trend that forces others to embrace and implement such changes to increase sales and customers.

Best of all, following new trends and innovations from leading countries means every pharmaceutical brand worldwide is trying to shape its services and boost products to enhance effectiveness on how their drugs and services help customers. In a study by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine, the impact brought by China’s innovation in the industry is a way of boosting marketing than before, and every brand should take heed in implementing such trends and more for the best of business and clients’ satisfaction.

Focus on Brands’ Culture

If 2022 brings anything new to the pharmaceutical industry, especially to its marketers, it will be necessary to ensure there is a focus within the brand’s culture. To ensure your brand stays in the market in 2022, your marketers and managers should build a positive culture that motivates and satisfies customers and workers altogether.

Better yet, a focused brand culture aims at building a positive brand image to attract a significant number of partners and stakeholders. This is done, starting from defining your brand’s values and objectives and the goal you have to ensure customer’s lives are satisfying and comfortable from the products and services you offer.

To get the best of this trend in 2022, be sure to spend most of your time addressing your marketers and other employees to ensure products and services improve people’s lives for your brand to have an identity everyone wants to be involved with.

Pharma Marketing Stats and Growth Projections in 2022

As the world faces pharmaceutical digital marketing trends, your brand is better positioned if you know the following statistics, every pharmaceutical professional and enthusiast should know.

  1. The monoclonal antibodies’ market is becoming more democratized- the world will continue to see monoclonal antibodies’ democratization.
  2. There is a ramping up of gene therapies.
  3. Pharmaceutical specialty sectors will drive more mergers and acquisitions.
  4. The increase in new treatments will generate more interest in innovation and drug delivery strategies.
  5. Cancer drugs will dominate the industry in 2022.
  6. There is a rise in silico trials that aim at harming no animal or human.
  7. There are robots in the form of exoskeletons that can be used to assist humans in uncomfortable areas.
  8. Patients will be involved in advisory boards and drug designs in 2022 and beyond.
  9. There are faster and cheap research and development innovations.
  10. Companies to work in partnerships and contracts will be a rule in 2022 and beyond.


As you can imagine, there are changes the world is facing, and if you’re working or interested in the pharmaceutical industry, knowing the above will help you shape and boost your business in 2022 and beyond.

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