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Review Of B2B SEO Companies

Did you choose the best B2B SEO company?

We gathered information from 100+ of search engine optimization firms, B2B SEO consultants, PR firms, full-service digital agencies, and freelance B2B SEO consultants to compile our comparison.

The Typical B2B SEO Story

So you want to help your website rankings, and increase sales coming through your B2B website by doing search engine optimization and don’t know where to start. So you go to Google and search for a B2B SEO company or freelance SEO consultant and find thousands of companies, freelancers, and B2Bdigital agencies who say they do SEO.

Where do you start, and how do you choose the best B2B SEO company to complete to help build your brands? To help, we’ve done some of the leg work for you.

What We Did

The comparison chart below includes information that we’ve gathered from many different types of B2B SEO firms, such as; what each type of company typically offers, who will be working on your SEO, the average SEO cost, etc.

  • DIY SEO (using an SEO Tool)
  • Subscription SEO
  • Boutique B2B SEO Agency
  • Mid-Size B2B SEO Agency
  • Large B2B SEO Agency
  • Full-Service B2B Digital Agency
  • PR Agency
  • B2B Website Design Firm
  • Freelance SEO

The Results

*on small screens, scroll right to see more info.

Subscription SEOBoutique B2B SEO AgencyLarge B2B SEO AgencyFull Service B2B Digital AgencyPR AgencyB2B Website Design FirmFreelance SEOLinchpin SEO
What’s Included
B2B Audits
SEO Maturity AssessmentNoNoMaybeNoNoNoNoYes
Technical AuditNoBasicBasicBasicBasicNoMaybeYes
Competitive AuditNoNoBasicNoNoNoNoYes
Inbound Link AuditNoMaybeYesMaybeMaybeNoYesYes
Content AuditNoMaybeYesMaybeMaybeNoNoYes
Site ArchitectureNoMaybeYesMaybeNoMaybeNoYes
Website and Page StructureNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYes
Content AuditNoMaybeYesMaybeMaybeNoNoYes
Tagging AuditMaybeYesYesYesYesMaybeYesYes
Website Speed AuditNoMaybeYesMaybeNoMaybeMaybeYes
Analytics AuditNoMaybeMaybeYesMaybeMaybeNoYes
B2B Strategy
Content StrategyNoMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeNoNoYes
Information Architecture StrategyNoNoMaybeMaybeNoMaybeNoYes
Keyword ResearchYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Content CreationNoMaybeYesYesYesYesNoYes
Tagging OptimizationYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Speed OptimizationNoMaybeYesMaybeNoYesMaybeYes
Link StrategyNoMaybeYesMaybeYesYesYesYes
B2B Measurement Strategy
Measurement StrategyNoMaybeYesYesMaybeYesNoYes
Scorecard CreationNoMaybeYesYesMaybeYesMaybeYes
B2B SEO Monthly Management
Analytics scorecard and monthly reviewMaybeMaybeYesMaybeMaybeNoNoYes
Identification of keyword topics for new contentMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeYesMaybeMaybeYes
Optimization of new pages and content that is createdNoYesMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeYes
Current Google ecosystem reviewNoNoYesNoNoMaybeNoYes
Strategic brainstorming sessionsNoNoNoMaybeYesMaybeNoYes
Who will be working on your projectJr Level SEOJr Level SEODependsJr Level SEOJr Level SEOJr Level SEODependsSenior Level SEO
Do Local SEOYesYesYesYesMaybeMaybeMaybeYes
Are Experts In SEO Transition PlanningMaybeMaybeMaybeNoNoNoMaybeYes
Project Pricing TypeSubscription (Limited)Bucket of Hours/MonthBucket of Hours/MonthBucket of Hours/MonthBucket of Hours/MonthBucket of Hours/MonthBucket of Hours/MonthProject (few limits on hours/month - we work towards your goal, not hours)
Turnover Rate (will the same person work on my SEO the whole time?)HighMediumHighMediumMediumMediumHighNone
Understand Holistic MarketingNoMaybeMaybeYesNoMaybeNoYes
Will They Need To OutsourceYesYesYesMaybeYesMaybeYesNever
Average Monthly Price$99+ / month$1500 - $3000$5000+$4000+$3000 - $6000$1200 - $3000$500 - $2000$1600 - $4000
Holistic SEO ValuePoorAverageGood - GreatPoor - AveragePoor - AveragePoor - AveragePoor - AverageGreat