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The Top Los Angles Chamber Of Commerce For Businesses In 2021

Local businesses around Los Angeles have a challenging time knowing where to put marketing dollars to get the best ROI – and understanding which is the best Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce to join can just add to the difficulties.

The impact of joining local COCs includes marketing yourself to local buyers, networking with other businesses that can send you referrals, and even helping your search rankings if you’re trying to rank locally by SEO in Los Angeles.

We reviewed each of the Los Angeles chambers based on metrics such as:

  • Community Involvement
  • Membership Size
  • Networking Events Offered
  • Reviews from Chamber Members
  • Local Los Angeles SEO Value

Below are the best Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce to join in 2021

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource that empowers local businesses through training at their yearly summit, during regular economic development meetings, and by creating awareness of Hollywood legislative issues. This chamber serves its members by providing and distributing the Hollywood Guide, a magazine mailed out to over 15,000 residents and businesses. In addition to print promotions, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is actively supporting local businesses through social media.


6255 Sunset Boulevard, Suite #150
Hollywood, California 90028

Phone Number: 323-469-8311

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

This particular chamber of commerce serves five counties in the area. Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce helps businesses in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, Venture, and San Bernardino. While this chamber supports reaching out to residents through civic engagement projects, they plan to engage people and businesses worldwide. Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce provides support for processing paperwork, including healthcare, land use, small business concerns, human resources, and many other issues.


350 South Bixel Street
Los Angeles, California 90017

Phone Number: 213-580-7525

Century City Chamber of Commerce

Century City Chamber of Commerce proudly works with businesses and individuals in nearly every industry. This chamber of commerce has been around for over 45 years. In recent times, this chamber of commerce has accomplished several of its objectives, including Santa Monica road reconfigurations, bike lane proposals. It plans to bring a subway stop to Century City. Events presented by the Century City Chamber of Commerce offer access to elected officials who say about policies in the area.


2029 Century Park East (On Concourse Level)
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone Number: 310-553-2222

Vernon Chamber of Commerce

Vernon Chamber of Commerce helps provide a stable business community for over 50,000 workers, for the chamber offers a direct way for businesses to post job offerings. More information involving regular council meetings is available on their website. Recently, the Vernon Chamber of Commerce commissioned a study to assess how far the chamber reaches in its pursuit to assist with stimulating the city’s economy.


P.O. Box 58062
Los Angeles, California 90058

Phone Number: 323-583-3313

Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce

At the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce, community engagement with business leaders involves finding qualified, professional workers. However, the chamber of commerce also provides advice on growing wealth through running a business. Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce offers information about implementing digital marketing, ways to shop with local businesses, and providing stellar customer service.


425 Lowndes Hill Park Road
Los Angeles, California 90017

Phone Number: 661-467-0672

Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce

Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce is committed to the success of small businesses in the community. The chamber of commerce works with local food banks to provide nutrition for those in need, and they’re involved in metro development plans for the community. Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce recently provided support for Destination Crenshaw, which supports Black culture in Los Angeles. Destination Crenshaw encompasses a public display of art and culture on the streets of Crenshaw.


P.O. Box 8193
Los Angeles, California 90008

Phone Number: 323-293-2900

East Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

East Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce is a strong advocate for businesses in the area, providing support with comprehensive business reports and other resources. This chamber hosts regular events for the business community, including mixers, breakfasts, ice skating, and more. East Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce is focused on solving problems in their community, and their concern involves maintaining a high standard of living.


4716 East Cesar Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90022

Phone Number: 323-263-2005

Greater West LA Chamber of Commerce

Greater West Los Angeles Area businesses and residents should contact the nearby Culver City Chamber of Commerce. This chamber of commerce is committed to engaging with businesses to help business owners reach for the potential they seek. Culver City Chamber of Commerce provides access to government affairs that impact policies for businesses in the Greater West Los Angeles Area. Their center for business development works with over 500 companies in the surrounding area.


6000 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite #1260
Culver City, CA 90230

Phone Number: 310. 287.3850

Silverlake Chamber of Commerce

Historic and creative businesses should look closely at what the Silverlake Chamber of Commerce has to offer. This chamber of commerce hosts regular events to allow networking between business owners. Monthly mixers are opportunities for people to share resources that help their businesses grow in the community. Silverlake Chamber of Commerce also hosts webinars to discuss policies and regulations that impact business operations. More information regarding membership benefits is available on their website.


4470 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite #309
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone Number: 323-304-8749

West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce is devoted to networking and providing resources for businesses to grow and prosper. This chamber focuses on expressing local business needs to government representatives to make changes to policies that impact the entire city. Apart from advocacy programs, the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce works to introduce business owners to the communities they serve. Other topics include bike lane proposals, sidewalk maintenance, and food bank operations.


907 Westwood Boulevard, Suite #222
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone Number: 310-473-4763