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What is a lead? A quick Google search defines a lead as “someone who may be useful, especially a potential customer”. It’s an accurate definition and most likely how a lot of folks would define a lead.

For this article, I’m going to challenge us to go deeper to not just define high-quality leads, but also generate unique ideas for increasing them. If your website is going to be successful, you not only want leads, you want high quality leads. For your business to thrive, you want to convert a higher percentage of leads than your competitors. Higher quality leads, LEAD (see what I did there) to a higher conversion rate from lead-to-customer.

How to Generate High Quality Website Leads

You must resonate. Quickly.

The very first hurdle that you must accomplish on your website is resonating with your visitors. If you’ve ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, then you know that people often make split decisions in life.

There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis… Anyone who has ever scanned the bookshelves of a new girlfriend or boyfriend- or peeked inside his or her medicine cabinet- understands this implicitly; you can learn as much – or more – from one glance at a private space as you can from hours of exposure to a public face. ― Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Your website is no different. When someone lands on your website they want the story, data, creative, the overall design of the site, something, to resonate with them. Immediately. This means you want that same thing. So how can you get your website there?

Convert Targets into Leads

The key to success here for you is to fully understand your target audience. Spend some time figuring out what is going to resonate with them.

  • Is there a problem that your targets are trying to solve?
  • Is your target audience comprised of highly visual individuals?
  • Are you targeting folks who want to “see the data” before they make decisions?

Once you determine what’s going to resonate with your audience, you can (re-)develop your website appropriately. Spend some time on this step. It will pay off in spades down the road when you’re converting a much higher percentage of leads into customers than your competitors.

Emotionally Connected Leads

High quality leads are emotionally connected to your brand, products, and / or services. It can take multiple interactions over long periods of time to create deep emotional connections with your targets, but you can also create an emotional connection quickly. This is where step 1 above comes in.

When you’re driving new targets to your website, you want to your site to resonate quickly. It needs to strike an emotional cord with your visitors. If you’re successful the output of your effort will be emotionally connected leads. An example:

  • Research: Your research into your target audience has revealed that based on the shifting landscape of your industry a new challenge has presented itself to your target audience. It so happens that you have a solution to this challenge. You can assume that this challenge is causing your targets to confront certain emotions such as frustration, despair, or even anger.
  • Resonate: In pulling through your new learnings about your target you create a blog article or video that addresses this challenge head on, and serves up a solution.
  • Emotional connection: If you have hit the mark in identifying a real challenge that your targets face, and your solution is viable, you will ultimately create a powerful positive emotional response in those visitors who consume this new content. You will convert their frustration into positive emotions such as joy, relief, etc. which will foster a strong connection between you and this new lead.

The key to success above is that you spent much time up front learning about your target so that you could create a valuable solution to the challenge you uncovered. Then by serving up the content in a way that instantly addresses the issue they face (creative blog article title addressing the challenge, etc.) you resonate right away. This buys you a little more time while your visitors consume the content which resonated. From there, if your content hits the mark, that emotional connection is born because you will have solved their challenge. This developing emotional connection automatically makes that lead of much higher quality than a traditional lead.

Emotionally-connected leads convert. Think about the keys which can unlock emotions in your target audience. Then execute flawlessly. – Ryan Taft, Partner, OnSpot Social iPad App, an App For Data Collection & On-Location Marketing

3 Lead Generation Ideas For Your Website

Once you have your lead gen strategy in place, you can start to execute various sales and marketing to generate more leads from your website. If you’re confident that the process you have in place will allow you to drop many leads into the funnel and spit out only the highest quality leads, then it’s really just a numbers game from there. How can you fill the funnel with the most targets who you’ve identified.

Here are 3 lead generation ideas to increase your website conversion rate:

  1. Problem / Solution Paid Media Campaign
  2. Common Cause Initiatives
  3. Social Media Parties

Lead Generation Idea #1:  Paid Media

Large budgets or small, you can use paid media to drive your target audience to visit your website.

There are a few keys to using paid media for lead generation successfully:

  • Know your target audience
  • Your content must resonate, driving prospects to click and visit your site
  • Capture data, review reports, iterate over time based on your learnings from the data

In sticking with the example above, you have identified a challenge that you know is really creating negative emotional energy in your target audience. You plan to create a video that addresses that challenge and serves up a solution. In order to drive them to that video, you can create a media campaign that plays up the challenge an offers a solution. Your call-to-action can entice your targets to click the ad to access your video content.

Benefits of Lead Generation with Paid Media

A highly strategic, hyper-focused paid media campaign can be extremely beneficial in driving new, relevant website traffic. Some may challenge that the strategy doesn’t cast a wide enough net. Don’t be discourage if you hear that feedback. That is a quantity over quality approach. Remember we are looking for high quality leads, and the first step is to attract the right targets. A focused problem / solution paid media campaign can help achieve this. Here are the 3 benefits of lead generation with paid media:

  1. Only those who are affected by the specific problem identified in the media ad will respond and click through. This gives you a better chance to convert visitors into leads through the video content you created addressing the challenge.
  2. You know what those leads are interested in, which means you can talk to them about a specific solution, instead of providing more general information about your products, services, brand, etc. Over time this allows you to have a more meaningful conversation with this lead, further fostering the emotional connection that began when you solved their challenge.
  3. The data generated through paid media will allow you to refine your approach over time, further enhancing your conversion rates.

Lead Generation Idea #2: Common Cause Initiatives

Common Cause initiatives are another great way to generate high quality emotionally connected leads. Whether the cause is large in scope, like hosting an event for a charity or small in scope, such as finding a home for a homeless pet, finding something that resonates with both you and your target audience is a great way to generate emotionally connected leads for your website.

5 Tips for Generating Leads with Common Cause Initiatives

  1. Find a common cause that resonates with you and your target – as part of your research into your target audience, better understand their personality types and their passions. Find a cause that fits in with those passions, as well as, your brand.
  2. Set a common goal for your common cause – goals provide people with something to rally around and work towards. Positive emotions are created in people when they achieve their goals. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re working towards as part of your common cause.
  3. Host regular “events” to generate support for your common cause – these events can be held digitally or in the real world, whatever works best for you, your targets, and the event itself. Regular activities bring your targets together frequently, as well as, show them that you’re serious in your pursuit of the goal you have set out.
  4. Promote your common cause events – use tools like social media to promote your common cause events. Another great way to generate new leads for your common cause initiative is to provide current participants with information that they can share with their networks on your behalf.
  5. Convert participants in common cause events into leads – be sure that at every “event” or touchpoint with participants in common cause events you’re capturing their information and opting them in to receive future communications from you.

Lead Generation Idea #3: Social Media Parties

When it comes to driving quality traffic to your website, social media is one of the best digital tools available. Traditional social media use is great, and can definitely generate traffic to your website. That said, we want high quality website traffic so that we have a better chance of converting traffic in high quality leads. This next idea is about taking social media to the next level: social media parties.

Social Media Party FAQs

What are social media parties?

A group of people coming together on a social media channel to have fun and celebrate each other’s company.

Who throws social media parties?

Anyone who is active on a social channel and has a network of connections can throw a social media party. That means you can do it!

What happens at social media parties?

Anything the host wants. Like any party, the host can create the theme (with or without participant feedback – we recommend the latter), and then throw said party.

How do I get people to come to my social media party?

Promote it. Just like you would promote a party in your personal life or any other marketing tactic for your website, promote your social media party. Explain the value prop – why people should come, and use your different marketing channels to drive attendance.

How can social media parties generate leads for my website?

Fun parties create strong positive emotions. Strategic social media parties create fun environments where your targets can interact with like-minded people while learning about your brand, products, or services. Once that emotional connection is formed, it is much easier to convert prospects into leads.

3 Social Media Party Ideas

  1. New product testing party – obtain feedback from your targets during your product development process to ensure you’re going down the right path – provide prototypes or some sort of interactive element so that participants can engage.
  2. Anniversary party – is your website celebrating an anniversary? What better way to celebrate than to throw a social media party for your anniversary with your favorite website visitors and new potential visitors?
  3. Holiday party – who doesn’t get emotional around the holidays? Why not throw a holiday party on your favorite social media channel? You can design fun, interactive holiday activities that also jive with your brand.

Everyone loves a good party. Now, with social media, parties don’t always have to take place in the physical. Take a risk. Try a social media party on for size. I think what you’ll find is that you come out of it with a lot of emotionally connected leads.

Emotionally Connected Leads Convert at Higher Rates

By this point I’m hoping you agree that emotionally connected leads are high quality leads. We know that when it comes to conversion, high quality leads are more likely to convert into customers. When it comes to increasing your website conversion rate, take the time to:

  • Research and know your target audience
  • Understand what resonates with them
  • Create emotional connections

The 3 steps above can be used as a map to find keys. Keys unlock doors. If converting higher rates of leads into customers on your website is the door you are looking to open, it’s time to find your keys.

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