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Funeral Home Marketing Guide To Increase Sales – That Work If Done Correctly

Funeral home companies are in one of the most difficult spots in any industry. While their work is some of the most necessary and important, promoting them is quite a challenge for obvious reasons. To give some perspective on their unique situation, they can’t look for clients like businesses in another industry. Funeral homes require a more personal approach. Let’s take a local cupcake shop, for example. For that business, marketing and sales are easy because virtually everyone wants a cupcake, no matter what time of day it is. On the other hand, nobody is eager to plan a funeral. Even the most responsible people don’t bother to get life insurance until later on in life. Because of these realities, companies in the funeral home industry are forced to use traditional or alternative means of overcoming their challenges.

These methods are usually take up more effort, time, and money as well. However, rest assured knowing that most of these problems can be solved by making the right web design adjustments. Just because funeral homes are in a rather unpopular niche doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of online opportunities. Even the simplest of changes have been shown to drive qualified traffic to a funeral home website. As for what the best web design strategies to include are, they are best understood after having discussed some of the biggest challenges the industry faces. With this in mind, let’s go over five challenges in the funeral service industry and seven web design changes to overcome them.

5 Challenges That Funeral Homes Face

#1: Education Of Services

One of the main hurdles that funeral homes face is the ability to educate clients on their services. As mentioned before, this stems from people simply not wanting to go through the process. Planning a funeral is personally difficult to deal with, much less learning about the best ways to plan it. That said, this is where making the proper web design adjustments would make a major difference. If done correctly, the right changes can alleviate some of the stress that people go through when learning about funeral services.

#2: Marketing Of Services

For the same reason as clients not wanting to learn about funeral services, funeral homes also struggle with marketing to clients. More specifically, the challenges they face are finding the best way to approach clients on the topic. For example, is it more beneficial to approach clients from an informational standpoint or a personal one? This is another area where web design helps tremendously. While making changes can’t guarantee a client’s satisfaction from a marketing standpoint, what it can do is help spread awareness from multiple approaches.

#3: Undervalued Market

From a more general standpoint, another challenge that the funeral service industry faces is an undervalued market. This means that more clients are either choosing to invest more in celebrations after funeral services or having no service at all other than a respectful burial. The result of this is that it’s forcing the funeral homes to lower the value of their services so that they are more attractive to clients.

#4: Brand Awareness

Building a brand is not something that’s closely associated with companies in the funeral service industry. However, the reality is that they are also businesses that can benefit from a brand. The only thing is that they have to take different approaches that other businesses would build it. For this reason, this also makes it hard for funeral homes to boost their brand awareness to potential clients. However, making the right web design changes has the potential to make a funeral homes’ brand more approachable on a personal level.

#5: Personalization Of Services

Above everything else, the most significant challenge that funeral homes face is personalizing their services. Interestingly enough, this is both their weakness and their curse. Personalization of services is a strength for homes because it makes them unique. On the other hand, it can be difficult to create unique services based on personal accounts alone. This is perhaps the best example of where the right web design adjustments would help. For example, by setting up a website with an information form on what a client would like for their services, a funeral home can prepare ahead of time to meet any needs a client wants.

#6: Cost

It’s no secret that planning a funeral is expensive. From the memorial service, coffin, headstone, and flowers, the cost can sometimes be a factor that inhibits someone from using your funeral home for their very emotional event.

7  Marketing Strategies For Funeral Homes

#1: Specific Service Web Pages

Perhaps the most important web design change a funeral home can make is structuring its web pages down to specific services. For example, if a client is looking for cremation services specifically, there should be a web page dedicated to only that. Many funeral homes make the mistake of bunching all of their services on one page. That said, the purpose behind this strategy is to make it easier for a client to look for and purchase services.

#2: Warm/Inviting Website Color Tones

Believe it or not, the color tone of your website is a big indicator of what type of mood your business portrays. Tech companies take advantage of this strategy by using bright and youthful tone colors to attract clients that fit that description. As funeral homes are concerned, consider making the website with more warm and inviting color tones. This will give the impression that your funeral home has those qualities.

#3: Information Rich Web Page Content

As far as the content on the website, make sure that it is informational and rich. This is to give a client a detailed understanding of what they can expect by choosing your funeral home services over another business. Another thing to keep in mind is that the content should be specific to what the web page is about. Remember, you don’t want to bunch all your information in one place. Information overload is a real thing and can result in your funeral home losing valuable clients.

#4: Capture Forms On Every Web Page

There is an unspoken rule in business and marketing that a client needs to be exposed to a service at least seven times before they make a purchase. This same rule applies to funeral homes. However, you can’t expose yourself to clients without first getting their contact information. This is where the importance of creating capture forms of every web page comes into play.

#5: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a strategy that helps a business attract organic clients to its website. What’s great about it is that it only requires making simple web design adjustments such as changing the website title, proper website structure, and other on-site and off-site website changes.

#6: Offer Financing

Offering to finance for your customers is one of the easiest and most beneficial strategies you can use on your website to not only ease the stress of paying for the funeral but provide an experience that incentivizes people to use your funeral home instead of the competition. Learn more about the benefits of offering funeral financing options here.

#7: Paid Online Website Advertising

Paid online website advertising is another marketing strategy that takes the opposite approach to search engine optimization. Instead of requiring specific on-site and off-site changes, this strategy can be used effectively by creating online ads that lead to a direct sales page or capture form.

#8: Compelling Website Copy

Last but not least, one of the most important web design changes to make is compelling website copy. While the content itself does need to be somewhat generic and informational for a client, the copy or header needs to be compelling enough for a client to click on it. From there, the content on your website should lead a client to make a purchase.