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5 Fixes for Broken Digital Marketing Engagement

Digital marketing engagement encompasses any and every way you connect with customers (or potential customers) online. Understanding best practices and how to fix broken aspects of your digital marketing engagement builds your brand and your business.

Understand Your Audience

When evaluating your digital marketing engagement, customer connection and communication should be a top priority. Your customer base keeps your business running. Showing them you value them goes a long way in customer retention and higher profits long-term.

Your digital marketing engagement might be broken for a few reasons. However, understanding your audience is the first step in fixing your engagement issues and creating meaningful connections.

What has changed in either your practices or your audience that has contributed to your low digital engagement? Sit down with your team and evaluate your customer base and how it’s changed over time. Then form a new engagement plan to adapt to those changes. Knowing your audience enables you to shape your new digital marketing engagement strategy.

Utilize Social Media

The social media landscape changes every day, and having a consistent presence on these platforms will aid in your engagement efforts. It’s important that your business has multiple active social channels. More than half of all people in the world are on social media. Your customers are there, which means you must be too.

Customers have their social media preferences, and they expect you to engage on multiple platforms. Socials serve as more than simply information disbursement channels. They act as customer service outlets; they help you build trust and establish yourself as a thought leader. Utilize your social media to boost your digital marketing engagement.

Respond to Customers

If you’re experiencing broken digital engagement, evaluate how often and the ways you respond to customers online. Blanket statements, posts, and email blasts alone are not sufficient for successful digital marketing engagement.

Customers want to be engaged as an individual. Below are ways you can engage one-on-one with your clientele and fix broken digital engagement:

  1. Respond to both positive and negative reviews
  2. Reply to comments on your socials
  3. Answer emails
  4. Ask questions to get customer feedback

These engagement methods enable you to communicate with your audience more personally, showing you value their opinions, feedback, and input.

Publish Content That’s Shareable and Engages Your Audience

Customers expect a personal touch these days. Authentic engagement from an authentic brand goes a long way in earning customer loyalty. But engagement won’t happen if you’re not producing quality content that’s easily shareable and provides a way for users to let their voices be heard.

Creating questionnaires on Instagram and polls on Twitter gives users a role to play in your marketing. Allow for replies on your published content (and, as we said earlier, respond to those comments!)

Engaging content is more than just creating ways for users to share their thoughts or opinions. Engaging content must also be quality content. Your audience has to interact with your content before they engage with it. For example, to create posts, articles, or media that draw people in and commands their attention. Quality work in content creation translates to quality services, which appeal to any shopper.

Your content should be of such quality that it captivates users and sets you above your competition. Then, once you’ve engaged with quality work, focus on interactive engagement with your online community.

Search Engine Optimization

Successful SEO brings your target audience to your site. You can’t separate your SEO strategy from your digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have good SEO, your digital marketing engagement will be lacking.

The world of SEO is vast. Unfortunately, once you focus on your site’s SEO, you’ll be bombarded with information and methods that will likely overwhelm you. That’s why we recommend working with a digital marketing agency to handle your SEO for you.

The Linchpin team has years of experience creating SEO and marketing plans that help our clients thrive. When your SEO is effective, your site traffic increases, and as more customers visit your site, you’ll have more touchpoints and opportunities for engagement.


Just because your digital marketing engagement is broken, it doesn’t have to stay that way. On the contrary, intentionally and strategically engaging with customers increases your authority, builds trust, and ultimately drives more traffic to your site.