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How A Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses Can Boost Your Sales

You know better than anyone that running a small business is all-consuming. Taking care of the day to day—and the big picture items, because let’s face it, you do that too—is enough to fill up your entire day plus some. Just when you think you’ve got all the bases covered, you remember: marketing! Hiring a digital marketing agency to take care of your marketing is a great way for you as a small business owner to boost your sales.

An agency—especially one catering to small businesses—knows the challenges you face, can anticipate your needs, and will utilize marketing strategies that are especially beneficial to a small business. At the end of the day, the goal of your digital marketing agency should be the same as yours, the small business owner: to increase your sales. Below we’ll show you why it’s a smart idea to hire a digital marketing agency for your small business and how doing so can boost your profits.

SEO Analysis and Building

By far, small business SEO is one of the most effective ways to bring new traffic to your site and to your storefront. Unfortunately, many small businesses aren’t utilizing their online presence to the fullest. Understandable, because small business owners are busy running their business! Statistics show that proper SEO management draws in more customers—and as a result, sales—than other forms of marketing.

Your digital marketing agency should be well-versed in SEO analysis and building. If you’ve already got an online presence, your agency team will perform an audit to see how you’re currently performing. They can then make technical adjustments to your site and socials so organic traffic—like Google users looking for your product or service—will find themselves on your page.

Website Design and Management

You should absolutely have a website, no matter what kind of small business you’re running. If your digital marketing agency is optimizing your SEO like they should, your small business website will be the first online impression you give to potential customers. And that means you need to have an engaging and attractive site that results in conversions. You know yourself that a dated, cluttered site gives off unprofessional vibes. If a site seems untrustworthy or low quality, people will make the same assumption about your business.

Your digital marketing team has the ability to build a small business website to your exact specifications, but they also have the know-how to design your layout in such a way that it encourages users to purchase your products or services. Simple design choices, like a call-to-action button or a clear shopping cart icon makes going from entering your site to purchasing your goods easy. And the easier your website is to navigate, the less steps from browsing to purchase, and that means more sales for you.

Pinpointing Your Target Audience

You know your product better than anyone. And you know your target audience better than anyone. But knowing who you cater to is not the same thing as knowing how to reach them online. A digital marketing agency can pinpoint the customers you want to reach—and maybe those you didn’t know might be interested in what you have to offer.

Social Media Management

Now more than ever, prospective customers are checking out your socials before they decide to walk through your doors. Having digital marketing pros manage and integrate your social medias is a simple choice that can make or break a potential customer’s opinion of your small business.

Not only will your agency keep your social media updated, but they know the trends on each platform and how to cater to your target audience on each site. Keeping up with each of your social medias also means you’ve got to post regularly, curate content specific to each platform, and interact with your followers. An agency saves you time by doing all of these and will utilize your socials in such a way that they act as advertising, not simply a place where your business posts pictures or information—though that’s part of the job too!

Global Reach

For many small businesses, local traffic is the lifeblood of the operation. But if you rely solely on local customers, you may find that your sales plateau. Your digital marketing agency is your best bet for reaching a global audience. They can form a targeted approach that will get your brand in the hands of not only more local and regional buyers but in front of customers ready to buy all over the world. A wider geographical reach means new and more sales, the end goal.

Brand Clarity

One common thread among successful marketing campaigns is brand awareness. When you think of brands like McDonalds, Coca Cola, or Apple, you automatically picture logos, fonts, and colors associated with those brands. These brands are recognizable literally all over the world because their marketing teams have focused on cultivating brand awareness.

As a small business owner, building brand awareness is key. This means that across social media platforms, web pages, packaging, and even the tone of your written content, there needs to be consistency. Your digital marketing team will work with you to determine what you want your brand to communicate and how you want to present yourself to customers. They can create professional logos, templates for printed materials, and create content that says what you want to say in the voice of your specific brand.

The more consistent you are with branding, the more customers will recognize your business and product. Consistent branding communicates professionalism, but it will also help people to trust the goods you’re offering, resulting in more sales.

Finding What Works

A digital marketing agency doesn’t create a site or logo or a social media account then leave you high and dry. One of the benefits of hiring an agency to handle your digital marketing is the constant auditing and evaluation that takes place. What works in the Spring might not work in the Winter. Or what works in a healthy economy might need to be altered during a slump. Your team will look at customer engagement across all of your platforms to determine how and where you’re reaching customers and how many of those engagements convert to sales. They determine what works, what doesn’t, and then make the adjustments necessary to boost traffic and sales.


While you could hire individuals to take on different aspects of your digital marketing, taking advantage of an agency’s services is your best—and most economical—bet. You have an entire team of experts working on your behalf, and all parties is on the same page from day one. There are many man hours that go into executing a successful digital marketing campaign. By choosing an agency with experience and a proven track record, you’re making an investment in your small business that will not only save you time and money, but it’s one that will boost your sales and grow your business.