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B2B SEO Strategy and Step By Step Process

Your B2B SEO strategy enables you to target customers looking for the exact products you offer. Check out our 7-step B2B SEO guide to increase your site traffic and your revenue.

1. Create Detailed Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are representations of your ideal buyer. Based on data and research, buyer personas guide you in targeting shoppers and developing products to meet their needs, and they help create a cohesive marketing vision across your company.

Creating buyer personas gives your team a vision to move forward in marketing, product development, and branding. Your team uses buyer personas to prepare for conversations and interactions with your real customers using real data from your research.

Accurate, well-researched buyer personas allow you to build products and strategies around shoppers. You then take that information to craft your B2B SEO strategy and earn more traffic to your site.

2. Know Your Sales Funnel

Understanding your company’s sales funnel is a critical starting point for crafting your B2B SEO. Each step of the sales funnels plays a significant role in your sales and marketing efforts, so knowing how your sales funnel works helps you build out SEO strategies that yield real results.

Consult your sales team to gain a deeper understanding of your unique sales funnel. First, get their perspective on the efficacy of your current model. Then review business data to understand how your customers come to your site. Learn everything you can about your shoppers: their lifetime value, average order value, etc. This data informs how you build your SEO strategy and engage with buyers.

3. Conduct Keyword Research Targeting Your Buyer Personas

Because your buyer personas represent your target customer, crafting keyword research based on these personas shows you which keywords will bring in the right kind of traffic. Incorporating high-intent keywords into your pages and content draws in shoppers with niche needs who are ready to buy.

After you determine the pain points for your buyer personas, also look to your competition. Learn the keywords they’re optimizing for, and consider if those keywords can help you earn traffic from your ideal shoppers.

4. Optimize Keywords for Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel

B2B companies have wide, complex sales funnels, and each stage of the funnel serves a specific purpose. B2B shoppers are research-heavy roles, which means they’ll search for solutions throughout the buying process –– potentially months up to more than a year. To earn their traffic, optimize keywords for every stage of your sales funnel.

An organized keyword strategy enables you to target shoppers at different points in the research and buying phase. Your strategy should be scalable, relevant to your buyer personas, and updated regularly to ensure effective SEO optimization.

5. Close Sales with Optimized Landing Pages

A successful B2B SEO strategy brings buyers to your site, but it doesn’t stop there. Landing and product page optimization is a crucial part of your SEO strategy. These pages do more than inform. They provide shoppers with an experience that not only helps close the sale but can potentially earn you a long-term customer with a high customer lifetime value.

6. Create Content to Earn Traffic

Any serious B2B SEO strategy includes a scalable content strategy. Your content should answer questions, provide solutions, and engage buyers from the earliest point in their shopping journey.

You can and should present your content in a variety of formats:

  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Newsletters

These are just a few of how you can get your content into the hands of B2B buyers. Great content is useful. And when you publish useful content, you’ll earn links, boost your engagement, and your SEO will bring in traffic to your pages.

7. Create a Link Building Strategy

Everyone in SEO agrees that link building is one of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy. B2B companies are no exception to this universal truth.

Earning backlinks is a top factor in driving organic traffic to your site, and you have limitless means by which you can earn these links to your content. Whether you’re sending emails asking for links, submitting guest posts on other sites, or any number of link-building strategies, remember that Google values pages with external links. Backlinks show your page has authority and can be trusted, earning you higher rankings in the SERPs.


You won’t find B2B SEO success overnight. But you can adopt strategies today that put you on the path to more traffic and better rankings starting now. Follow our 7-step B2B SEO guide to meet buyers’ needs and show them you’re the solution they’ve been looking for.