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Whether you are one of the most popular bands or musicians in the US, playing sold out arenas, or a local band or musician trying to make a name for themselves, the challenges that bands have with building a amazing website, or promotion using SEO, social media are consistent. Below you will find what we have come up against when doing promotion for bands and musicians.

Basic Challenges For Musicians

One challenge with SEO for band websites is usually a band’s information is already scattered around the web thus making any basic information about the band less valuable for SEO. If the band is well known they probably have a Wikipedia page created by the fans with everything you could ever want to know about the band.

I would suggest coming up with some creative tactics for generating valuable content by utilizing assets at your disposal such as band member’s introspective information or fan based content.

Another challenge is that most bands will have to settle for offshoots of their name for their URL or web address. This is usually due to either fans buying the name, or because the bands name is generic like “Beatles” or “Cars”.

Content For A Musician’s Website

Websites that are designed and SEO’ed for bands should, at minimum, contain a few primary features that visitors are searching for.

These include:

  • Tour dates
  • Information about the band members
  • Personal interaction points
  • Album Information
  • Song Lyrics
  • A way to contact the band to build that connection

Digital Marketing For Bands

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Challenges For Musicians

  • Video and Image Assets Are Under Optimized
  • Local SEO
  • Managing Bookings Online
  • Reputation Management
  • Managing Fan Engagement and Reviews
  • Managing Tour Dates
  • Web Design
  • Utilizing Social Media Such as Facebook and Twitter to Increase Ticket Sales
  • Websites Lack In-depth Content
  • Selling Tickets Online
  • Selling Songs Online

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