Meet Aaron @Biebert: Social Entrepreneur and Digital Geek

I haven’t personally known Aaron for very long, but his reputation has proceeded him for a long time in the social community. I’ve heard tales of his love for his family and his ability to tame any and every new social community and digital mechanic.

Apparently, he’s a jack of all trades AND a master as well. Besides his enjoyment of all things social and digital, his family holds the top spot in his heart and he’s one of the few lucky enough to marry his high school sweetheart. Let’s get professional and personal with Aaron Biebert.


1. Where are you from and what is your day job?

I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and spend quite a bit of my time directing/producing videos for remarkable brands and people in Chicago, Milwaukee, and all over the world. I also lead the company as the executive producer of all our productions.

2. You have a full family, please tell us about them.

I’ve got a wonderful wife and partner in Jennifer. She is one of the best artists I know and runs Biebert Studios, an independent maker of custom gold and gemstone jewelry. She also uses her artistic skills to plan great events and create wonderful meals. On top of that, she’s been an awesome mother to our five year old daughter, Sydney and three year old son, Frederick. Both of my kids got my “naughty” genes. They are very curious and always looking for trouble. I think that’s healthy though.

Aaron and his beautiful family.

Aaron and his beautiful family.

3. Why is it that @Biebert is so well known online, especially on Twitter?

A couple years ago, I implemented a personal branding strategy that focused on using the @ symbol before my last name in all of my writing and artistic work that is online. You’ll find it in my business blogs posts at, my personal blog posts at, and in many of my films/videos in the credits. I also use Aaron @Biebert for signing emails to social media folks, comments on blogs, and name badges at networking events.

It also helps when you talk about twitter a lot. I used to give a bunch of talks to groups about social media when it was new, and I always discussed my twitter name and invited people to ask questions afterwards via twitter. Many of those folks since 2008 are still connected to me on Twitter.

4. How involved with social media are you?

When I’m not directing, producing, or developing new video projects, I’m using social media to learn new things and share my work with the world. It’s not just a tool, it’s a way of life that I’ve embraced. See something cool? Share it. Know someone that needs something? Connect them with your network.

I’m actively using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and WordPress on a daily basis. I’ve got about 30 pages on Facebook, 40 twitter accounts (mostly for the Attention Network), Linkedin groups, Google+ communities, and I just tweeted my 28,888th tweet. Some would say I’m pretty involved. Some would say I’m obsessed.

Aaron and friends.

Aaron and friends.

5. What strengths and weaknesses do you see in the social network communities these days?

The biggest strength is that there are many new voices actively using other networks besides Facebook. It’s been great to get perspectives from people who are doing the work, not just talking/teaching/blogging about it. I used to see mostly “social media ninjas” running around everywhere on social media, now I’m seeing many new thought leaders online.

The biggest weakness I’m seeing is that folks are getting overwhelmed with all the messaging coming at them. As if emails, phone calls, text messages, commercials, and snail mail weren’t enough to digest, now we have tweets, updates, blog posts, messages, and other social messaging coming at us all day. We’re definitely entering a new era where attention will be harder to get than information. We have enough of that.

6. How did you get into the digital online world?

I started using MySpace back in the day and saw all the hype that was created by Facebook. Even though I was too old to use Facebook at first (only college kids could use it), I could tell something huge was on the horizon. Never one to ignore an emerging trend, I started using Facebook groups to market my business the first day they opened it up to non-college folks. The rest is history.


7. What types of jobs have you had in the past?

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2005, so I’ve held pretty much every position imaginable. It’s been a crazy ride filled with tons of ups and downs. Prior to that, I held marketing and leadership positions at several companies including McDonald’s (my first management position), Securitas, and Best Buy.

8. Currently, your biggest focus is Attention Era Media. What do you do for them and what is their main focus?

Attention Era Media is my latest venture created to serve the growing need of brands and remarkable people that need help with creative video production. We focus on making short brand films, event highlights, and pretty much any other video our clients need. We also do photography when our clients need it. I direct a lot of our videos and serve as the primary leader of our team.

9. Where did your love of video come from and how did it become your main job?

I’ve always loved film and the magic it possesses to evoke powerful emotions. I studied business and art in college, and video production is right up my alley. It combines my love of visual art, acting, music, technology, and leadership. I absolutely love it!

10. You have a personal blog, 8pm Warrior. What is its focus and how long have you been blogging.

I’m an extreme extrovert, so I created in 2010 to make new connections and discuss thoughts on marketing, leadership, and the life of an entrepreneur. I’ve also created communities on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to help connect the group of fellow 8pm Warriors (people using late hours for projects they care about). It’s been an amazing experience.

11. Aaron @Biebert seems to wear many digital hats – which is your favorite and why?

I love wearing my writer hat. Writing blogs, scripts, and social media updates allows me to flex my creative muscles when I have time.


12. What is it about digital media that attracts you?

Digital media is the most powerful communication tool ever invented. We’re in a revolution here and I love being a part of it.

13. Why are you such a fan of social media/social communities? What draws you?

I think it’s my extroversion. I don’t sleep much, so it can get lonely sometimes at night after everyone has gone to bed. Social media allows me to connect and re-energize during breaks from late night work. This is probably why I made so many friends on the West Coast. They’re still up when the East Coast has gone to bed.

14. Why is video so important in today’s marketing strategies?

It’s a big mobile play. People don’t want to read pages of text on their phone, and video (at least on YouTube) provides them an easy way to learn about your people, your products, and your personality. As internet download speeds continue to improve, visual media have been hugely popular (think YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) on the internet. Video’s advantage is that it allows you to utilize the power of a voice, a look, an inspiring music track. It’s the most social way to connect with people online.

YouTube videos are also big for search engines. It’s the #2 search engine in the world, owned by the #1 search engine in the world.

15. A little birdie told me that you are married to your high school sweetheart! Is that true?

It is true. I met the love of my life at 17 and I knew it. We dated for five years until we got married. Best decision I’ve ever made. I am super lucky and I try not to forget it.

The early years.

The early years.

16. What is your favorite part about being a father and husband?

Looking into the eyes of my kids, I see the future. Being their father is an awesome way to help make the future better. Their unconditional love is great, too. As for being a husband, the best part is the companionship. I also love how beautiful she is. It’s always a treat to see her at the end of a long day.


17. What advice do you have for newbies entering the digital frontier?

Engage. Don’t just create a profile. Go hunting for others. Discuss. Learn. Comment. Don’t quit if it seems quiet. I just means you haven’t met the right people. There are brilliant people out there right now, sharing amazing information. Take the opportunity.

18. Do you have any mentors or people who have played a significant role in your life?

My father was always trying new things in his work and I think that stuck with me for my career. My mom was also amazing. She never quit finding ways to fix things and love people. I hope to be as great as them someday. As for direct business mentors, I haven’t had the honor of finding that mentor yet…someday hopefully. Maybe James Cameron or George Lucas need a protégé. If I’m going to complete my life’s goal, I’m gonna need to go big.

Get to know @Biebert better by finding him on Facebook or Twitter.

15 thoughts on “Meet Aaron @Biebert: Social Entrepreneur and Digital Geek”

  1. This guy is a fake, along with his media company. I just checked out his Twitter, it’t not hard for someone with a mild knowledge of modern social media to see that this man is nothing he represents in this article. With a follow to followers ratio of 1-1 having 10,000 followers means absolutely nothing when you follow over 9,000….nice branding strategy Aaron? Not to mention the videos him and his company seem to be associated with (Corey Pieper) have purchased views, disabled statistics and minimal comment interactions, it wouldn’t surprise if the same was done for his twitter account. Not to mention on the Attention Era Media facebook page each post is followed up with comments from himself (he’s first to comment and like his own posts) comments from his partner Ryan and the few others that work in his company. Its the same 4-5 people on each post. Check it out for yourself on their page. Rarely is there a real interaction with someone who isn’t directly associated with the company. And to top it all off the quality of the work is not breaking any barriers and is hardly different then the boring media you get working with minor studios. I appreciate what this guy is trying to do but I just don’t appreciate an article like this promoting someone who is faking his way into things. I hope that people will see this comment and take it into consideration.

  2. Great article.

    I want to say thank you to Aaron personally, as I am someone that has had the privilege to work with him on various different projects. Not only have I learned much from Aaron professionally, but he has also been a great mentor and life coach. I appreciate his passion and will continue to work with Aaron in the future whenever and wherever I can.

    And hey, Jo-Ro, maybe you should tell Aaron’s beautiful family in the above pictures that he’s a “fake”. Merry Christmas, although on the surface you don’t strike me as someone who is readily volunteering for the “Joseph” role in the nativity scene at church.

    Great article, Ahna!

    Take care all.

  3. Weird how such a positive article about a nice guy can illicit such a negative response from someone. Don’t dwell on the haters, although you gave him an intelligent, thoughtful response.

  4. @Joseph Rolland

    Merry Christmas Joseph!

    I always love when competitors or concerned citizens take the time to learn about our group. I don’t pretend to be the biggest thing on the internet, but I do want to respond to your comment.

    1) I follow active (and real) people back on Twitter because it’s my way of letting them know that I care to engage with them on equal terms. I don’t believe that makes me fake.

    2) What Corey Pieper does with his videos is his own business, although the music video we produced for him with almost a million views has no “purchased views” as you say. If you look at the video, you’ll see hundreds of comments and likes from his fans. Judging by footage from his concerts, I have no doubt those people are real.

    3) Thanks for checking out the Attention Era Media Facebook page ( We are a small company and even though I am an admin, James has done a good deal of posts on the page and I like to be engaging/conversational as one of the leaders. I think we’ve had interaction with about 200+ people over the past year, but we’re working hard to earn even more interaction in the coming year. Someday we hope to have millions of connections on our page and it will be much more interactive for you. In the meantime, it has served as a lively way for people to engage and learn more about our team. Feel free to comment/like/share things on our page. We always appreciate the interaction.

    4) We try to make every new video we produce the best one we’ve ever made. Some of our own blog videos get less of our time (make sure to check out our playlists to see videos we’ve made on other channels), but we’re confident that someday we’ll make a video that you find impressive.

    5) Thanks for appreciating what I do. It’s not easy to start/run/grow a business in this economic climate. If you’d like to sit down and grab coffee (or a beer) sometime, I’d be open to that. I’m not perfect (far from it), but I think if you sit down with me, you’d see that I’m not all that bad.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

    Aaron @Biebert

  5. @Kevin Hill

    It is weird. That guy took up a lot of time to write that comment. One of my friends said that he’s probably jealous or just angry about how his own work is going. I can’t help either of those things.

    Hopefully we can make a difference in some folks’ lives and get some trolls off the streets at the same time.

    Thanks again Kevin!

  6. Great article Ahna! Good luck Kevin. Never met ya before, but I certainly believe your heart and mind are in the right place. Merry Christmas and have a blessed 2013! We will all pray for @Joe. Wow! I’ve known Ahna since I was a child and she is in the process of helping me out with my performance enhancement company CHAMP Consulting. I saw this interview with you and was very impressed. It made me feel even better about her ability and the ability of linchpin. My website is being reconstructed as we speak, but I know it’s going to be amazing when it’s all finished. My current and future site is: Please don’t view it Joe, but maybe check it out if you get a chance Kevin. I certainly need video help and tips at the least! Be Blessed!

  7. @Dr. Nick

    Ahna is pretty awesome. I took a look at your site and it looks like you’re doing amazing stuff over there. I love the use of video and sometime if you’d like to work with us, we can help you put together something as amazing as the work you’re doing. We’ve done a lot with sports, and it’s one of our favorite types of videos to produce.

    Keep in touch!


  8. Thanks, Nick! We are definitely looking forward to getting CHAMP Consulting finished for you – thanks for commenting. And def check out Aaron’s company since your site is mostly video driven, never know :)

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