Local Small Business SEO

Local SEO Services For Small Businesses

Are you searching for a local SEO company who offers local SEO services for your small business or franchise? Below are our services and process for completing a local SEO campaign that drives results within the local Google search results.

Our local SEO experts will help you manage your small business SEO campaign,  update your local listings, optimize your website for local search, and build a strategy to help you earn local links and grow your social media accounts with high-value local content.

Stage One

Define Goals

This stage will define and align goals across marketing channels and digital teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain insights.

Stage Two

Local SEO Audit

Local audits uncover structural, local content, social media, or local link issues – as well as provide insights into your competitor’s local SEO strategies.

Learn more about our Local SEO Audits.

Stage Three

Fix Website Issues

Based on the audit, we’ll create an implementation document for your team, which will outline how to fix the concerns that weren’t SEO compliant – if you need us to make these changes we can.

Stage Four

Local Citation Management

Making sure your local directory and listings are consistent and optimized will help create a high-value local presence that Google will reward.

Stage Five

Local Link Strategy

Earning local links from media outlets and websites within the local market you want to rank within, is key to earning value and proving that you deserve to rank locally.

Stage Six

Content Creation

This stage includes defining your target users, performing keyword research, and creating high-value local content that users love and Google will reward.

What People Are Saying

martinThere are a lot of snake oil sales people in SEO. Bill doesn’t sell snake oil; he just has the best SEO sense I’ve ever met (and I’ve met and worked with some of the best SEO talent around including Bruce Clay).

If you want your web site to rank highly in Google hire Bill Ross as your SEO expert.

Martin Smith, Director of Marketing, Atlantic BT

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