Infographic: Ideas For Marketing Your Product or Business on Pinterest

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful and inspirational things you find on the web. People use pinboards to get ideas about planning their wedding, decorating their home, or finding some mouth watering recipes.

For businesses it’s an effective way to create awareness, drive conversation, and more importantly generate sales of your products. What are some creative ways you can use Pinterest for your business? We have outlined some ideas in a fun infographic below of how businesses can use boards and pins to market their products and drive engagement through social media and online ROI.

Infographic about Using For Business


11 Ideas For Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic and Sales

1. Holiday Wish List

With the holidays rapidly approaching there are opportunities for businesses to create online product sets of their best products, and then give users the ability to create “holiday wish lists” with their products showcased in those lists. This list can then be easily shared with other Pinterest users or family members.

2. Recipes

Restaurants or bakeries can create images of their best dishes and include the ingredients needed to make the dish. These recipes can then be used by users to recreate your signature dishes, a picture of their creation can be uploaded and pinned, generating buzz about your recipes or dishes.

3. Online Catalog

This is the simple one that all businesses with a product set should be doing. Create your brand page on Pinterest and add your product set to it. An image that catches the eye may draw in a whole new set of consumers who would never been exposed to your products otherwise.

Tip: Make sure you add the price to the product description to take advantage of the “gift” drop down that sorts by price.

4. Publish Art Work

Photographers or artists this one is for you. All your art work and photos should be showcased on Pinterest. It gives you the ability to add a description that includes where to buy, cost, and even the inspiration behind the artwork.

5. Weddings and Events

Businesses can utilize this platform to help brides or anyone planning a special event, organize and pick out what they want.

What better way for a bridal store or special event business to showcase their products, and create buzz, than to have a large group taking hundreds of pictures showing off their products while in use.

6. Exclusive Product Offering

Create an exclusive product offering that is only available on your businesses Pinterest board.

Publish a new one each week.

7. Publish Infographics

Infographics help a user gain insight about your products in a concise graphical representation. Pinterest can be used to showcase your infographics and drive awareness about your business.

Tip: To increase awareness about your mission and inspire users to rally behind your cause, not-for-profits can post inspirational marketing messages, or data snippets about their work.

8. Event Postings and Product Releases

  • Is your businesses having an event? Is your band releasing a new CD?
  • Are you releasing a new product?
  • Are you a real estate agent with a new house to show?

What better way to showcase and socialize it than to use the Pinterest community to build awareness. Add vital information, such as date, time and place right into the image to ensure maximum exposure.

9. How-tos

Pinterest gives you the ability to pin videos and instructional graphics onto boards. This can be used to create in-depth how-to videos or step by step graphical infoguides about your products, which can then be shared, and pinned by others.

10. Coupons and QR Codes

Create images of your coupons and pin them to your board. This is a great option for local businesses who are trying to drive traffic and build awareness around their product sets. A business can also pin QR codes to their boards which can be used to drive visitors to sections of your website that includes in-depth information about a product.

11. Pet Adoption

Images of animals are among the most popular content shared on Pintrest. Post shots of the animals in your shelter and a brief description of each animal underneath (name, age, breed etc.). Embed a direct link to the adoption page within the image so users who fall in love with your adorable animals are driven directly to the adoption page.

Just like with other social networks, there still is the challenge of building the community around your brand’s page so that you get the most out of the network.

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