Website Design Checklist

Checklist To Evaluate Your Website Design

Evaluating The Quality Of Your Website

The Website Design Story

Have you ever wondered if there was a checklist to evaluate the quality of your newly designed website?

We have worked with many clients and small businesses that recently had their website redesigned, and when we audited their experience (since a great website experience/design is a ranking factor), we had to deliver some bad news – we can’t help you unless you fix your website’s design.

We hate being the bad guys, but we had to explain that since both Google and users value a great design and experience; and a less than an amazing website design can cause trust issues, loss of sales or leads, and loss of traffic or rankings, they would need to redo their website.

Why We Created This Website Design Quality Checklist

So, born out of frustration and concern, and since we are in the business of helping SMBs, we thought we would outline some questions that could be used to determine if a website was high-quality enough to pass a users, and Google’s quality and value standards.

If Your Website Isn’t Up To Par

Because we believe that small businesses shouldn’t have to settle for an ugly or overpriced website, if you find your small business website was not built correctly, or if you were overcharged (or think you’re being overcharged) for you website design, contact us and we will build you something amazing.