Wedding Website SEO Project

Using Graphical Content To Generate 10X Traffic

Small Business Wedding Invitation Website

We had the pleasure working with a small business in the highly competitive wedding invitation space, who was headquartered in the Washington DC area.  They needed a top-rated SEO company to help them optimize their current website and build a strategy to grow traffic and drive sales.

For anyone who thinks that investing in a valuable, well designed, and well planned infographics is not a smart investment (or not worth the money) we have put together a case study based on a set of infographics we planned, designed, and marketed for a client to help them with the SEO for their wedding website.

What We Did

We approached this SEO project as we do with most, first optimizing their current website and then building value through the creation of high-value content assets that we could use to drive SEO rankings and traffic.

What We Did

In collaboration with our wedding client, we designed a couple infographics that targeted the primary persona and customer type of the website. The infographics followed the 3Ds of infographic design (data, design, distribution), and were positioned as planning guides and checklists for the target audience.

How We Created Buzz

We then marketed the infographic utilizing social media (Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook) and influencer outreach strategies to help build awareness and buzz for the piece of graphical content.

When We Launched

We launched the infographics on the client’s website and started the outreach immediately following this.

Cost-to-Acquire 1 Visitor

Over the 30 days in which the data was collected, it worked out to about 1 cent per visitor.

Site-wide Metrics

Page Specific Metrics

By The Numbers (A Months Data)



121,155 visits sent to the clients website.


Page Views

632% increase in page views.


Time On Site

Average time on site increased 83%.


Referral Traffic

1204% increase in referral traffic.


New Visitors

5% increase in new visitors to their website.


Direct Traffic

2382% increase in direct website traffic.

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