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Trends Shaping The Future of The Motorcycle Industry in 2022

Purchasing a motorcycle is a better option than buying a car, especially for people living in urban areas. Having a car means you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. A motorcycle, on the other hand, offers efficiency and flexibility. Someone with a motorcycle will not spend as much time in traffic as someone with a car. They can easily maneuver through traffic and reach their destination on time.

Trends Shaping The Motorcycle Industry

Motorcycle technology has improved tremendously over the years. For instance, the industry now has electric motorcycles, which most of the big brands are getting on board with making instead of the conventional fossil fuel motorcycles. When electric motorcycles first hit the market, they were quite expensive. However, with more brands getting on board with making custom designs and improving the features, they have become affordable.

There is a wide range of motorcycles that one can choose from depending on the features they are looking for. Listed below are the top trends shaping the future of the motorcycle industry in 2022.


As mentioned earlier, the electric motorcycle is one of the major motorcycle improvements. More companies are making electric motorcycles now, which is also part of the go green initiative to do away with a combustible engine. There have been major improvements such as reduced charge times, longer battery life, more safety options, and mind-blowing designs.

The electric motorcycles will hugely shape the future of the motorcycle industry in 2022 because it has so much to offer. Most of the features they have are what you see in science fiction movies, but the difference is they are real.

Signal Functions and Light Controls

Motorcyclists are often involved in more road accidents because it is hard for vehicles to Spot them. In most cases, they often wear reflectors to increase their visibility. However, there have been better improvements in motorcycle technology to ensure that they are more visible to other road users.

There are better illuminative options that a motorcyclist can now choose. This technology offers LED lights for your motorcycle, which adds to your ride’s aesthetic and ensures your safety. You can adjust the lights to make traffic signals on the road, and even better, you can control them from your mobile phone.

Motorcycle Stability Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, and Side View Assist

Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and side view assist are some of the trends shaping the future of the motorcycle industry in 2022. They are being incorporated into motorcycles to ensure the prevention of accidents and the safety of a motorcyclist. Rainy weather conditions are often not the best for motorcyclists because something as simple as abrupt braking, or hitting a stone could lead to a fatal accident.

Liquid Cooled Motorcycles

This design is one that is both excellent for the motorcycle system and the motorcyclist. It offers better motorcycle designs, and it can reduce the noise that is often heard from motorcycle engines. During warm weather conditions, motorcyclists often experience heat, which this design takes away so you can comfortably ride during warm weather.

AR Helmet

While manufacturers are making motorcycles more advanced in technology, they have not left out the motorcycle helmet. They are making a helmet that will allow a motorcyclist to interact with their bike. The helmets come with features such as voice control, noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, and rear and front view HD cameras.

The design will also feature a map that can be projected on your visor screen to navigate roads easily, headphones and a microphone that allow you to take calls without necessarily having to use your phone, and an inbuilt camera light sensor. Even better is that they make visibility technology that will ensure motorcyclists can be seen when riding in snow, fog, and rain.

Increased Mobility

More manufacturers are getting into making motorcycles because they increase mobility. As mentioned earlier, urban cities are usually congested, and most people have vehicles as their main source of mobility. This means that there is always a lot of traffic, which is not convenient as it causes both congestion and pollution on the roads. Therefore, having a motorcycle is a better option for mobility, and they are also more affordable.

Motorcycles are more efficient and are more accessible to everyone. It is a trend that people are picking on, and more people will likely have a motorcycle as their primary source of mobility to get around in the future.

Retro Inspired Motorcycles

There has been a shift from retro motorcycles in the industry, and more people are going for retro-inspired motorcycles. While retro motorcycles were great back in the day, there have been tremendous technological changes in the motorcycle industry. Therefore, motorcycle manufactures are making retro-inspired motorcycle designs but with more advanced and better features. The retro-inspired motorcycles ensure that motorcycle enthusiasts can buy the bikes that have that old look but with better features.

Security Systems

2022 will see the advancement in motorcycle security systems. Rider safety is one of the top priorities of most motorcycle manufactures. Better security systems will ensure that there are fewer motorists’ accidents in the future.
There is a security system in place that warns the rider about any impending and surrounding dangers, and even more security systems are being developed. The security systems being put in place to ensure motorist safety are features that one would not have imagined possible a couple of years back.

Rider Ergonomics

With the advancement in motorcycle technology, it is only right that the rider ergonomics are factored into the improved designs. The seat height and correct rider position will improve the rider’s safety, comfort, and low chances of being fatigued. For instance, if you are not comfortable on your motorcycle and have been on the road for a long, you are likely to get tired, which might lead to an accident.


While companies are going for retro-inspired motorcycles, some are creating more sleek designs. Manufacturers are producing more futuristic and lightweight motorcycle designs that one would not have thought possible a couple of years ago.

Motorcycle Industry Stats and Growth Projections in 2022

While the pandemic set most market sectors back, the motorcycle industry is bound to do better in 2022. With people looking to ensure safety measures and maintain distance, a motorcycle offers mobility and offers liberation. Motorcycles are also a more viable option because one will not be subjected to having to sit in traffic for long hours. Listed below are the top 10 must-know statistics of the motorcycle industry.

  1. Sales – Although sales went down to about 15.7% due to the pandemic, they are projected to rise due to individuals’ demand for mobility. People want to move alone now more than ever, and avoid public transportation.
  2. Demand – There has been a rise in demand in motorcycle manufacturing. Manufacturers have been able to develop more designs to cater to different customers. There has especially been a major growth of about 4% in motorcycles’ manufacturing industry in the United States.
  3. Designs – With the electric motorcycle’s introduction, more companies are getting on board and developing their customized models. 2022 will see a rise in more of these electric motorcycles. The more improved the features, the more likely that the price will be high.
  4. Lucrative Market – Germany is the most lucrative market in the motorcycle industry for manufacturers due to the high demand for various motorcycle types and having advanced manufacturing hubs. In the third quarter of last year, the industry saw a 309.1% growth.
  5. Leading Motorcycle Type – Cruisers are the leading type of motorcycles in the industry. They are equipped with advanced accessories and audio, are stylish, and are beginner-friendly. Therefore, most consumers prefer them to other models.
  6. Technical Advancements – With the improvement in technologies motorcycles are now more sophisticated. They are not only safe but also quite comfortable, and luxurious. Features like ABS are propelling their sale.
  7. China – Most motorcycle manufacturers are eyeing China because their industry makes up to 1.6 million sales every year. It is one of the key markets in the Asia Pacific region.
  8. Heavyweight Motorcycle Manufacturers – India is the world’s largest motorcycle market. Although they made losses during the pandemic, they are projected to increase sales in 2022 and the coming years. Their post-pandemic recovery sales were 32%.
  9. Motorcycle Market – The motorcycle market in the United States has grown tremendously over the past couple of years by about 75%. It is projected to keep growing in 2022, especially with the advancement in motorcycle technology.
  10. Challenges – While motorcycle manufacturers have made a lot of progress with the design, features, and added safety in motorcycles, they also face some challenges. Most people have not yet fully embraced buying motorcycles because they believe they are unsafe to use. 80% of motorcyclists who are killed in road accidents often sustain head injuries. Motorcycles are also listed as one of the most dangerous means of travel via roads.

The motorcycle industry is bound to get bigger, especially with the advancement in technologies. More people will buy motorcycles when their safety is guaranteed. The above-listed trends are shaping the motorcycle industry’s future in 2022, and they are likely to get better in the coming years.

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