Infographic Design and Strategies

The insights within this category, which have been provided by the Linchpin Infographic Design Team in Chicago and Charlotte, will discuss infographic strategies that help businesses create valubale and well designed graphics that earn links and social media shares. If you’re searching for an infographic design company to help you build impactful infographics for your business, you can contact our founder here.

color guide

Psychology of Color Guide and Cheat Sheet For Designers

Ever wonder how to choose the best colors for designing t-shirts, websites, doing paintings or drawings, or the best color to paint a room in your house? Below you will find a color guide and cheat sheet for designers of all...

twitter cheat sheet

Twitter Cheat Sheet To Increase Engagement and Followers

As a follow up to our Facebook Cheat Sheet Infographic, we have created a Twitter Cheat Sheet Infographic, based on data from Buddy Media, that can apply to both Business to Business and Business to Consumer companies . This infographic...

how to create personas

How to Build Personas to Understand & Meet User Needs

Personas are used by some of the leading brands around the world to help guide their web design choices and marketing touchpoint strategies. Creating personas will help you understand your website's visitor, how they'll utilize your website, and the types...