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Yoga Studio Marketing and Web Design Guide

Searching for new clients to take advantage of the yoga classes you’re offering has its difficult moments. Unlike other types of classes, many yoga students have an unconventional attitude that makes it difficult to reach them with typical marketing techniques. Although there are plenty of reasons to implement a few good search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, you’re going to need to think out of the box in order to get the attention of the crowd that will want to take a yoga class. Part of finding new clients includes appealing to a targeted audience. You’ll need to figure out what the typical yoga student in your area finds interesting. Target their interests in order to discover an original way to market to your potential clients.

Ideas and Services to Get More Clients

No matter what scale of business you’re running, you’re going to need to find new clients at some point. Even if you are running a small community class, you’ll be able to find new clients to attend your yoga training by implementing one or more of these strategies. Each strategy listed below could be added to your marketing plan, but it’s essential that you focus on individual strategies with your undivided attention in order to get the greatest benefit from them. After you’ve mastered a strategy, pick a few more from this list to create a well-rounded marketing mix that brings clients to your company.

Strategy #1: Local SEO Techniques

In order to appeal to customers through internet search engines, you will need to spend time constructing valuable SEO tactics. SEO works by helping your website appear high on search engine results pages. When someone searches for yoga classes, they will get a wide array of pages. However, there are ways to improve your ranking among the search results.

A large portion of search results is coming from recommendations that people are getting from voice-assisted technology. Their devices are conducting searches based on the words users give, and devices typically only broadcast the first result of the search. How is your studio going to be the top result and continue to find a business when there are so many other yoga studios?

The answer involves using targeted SEO keywords to rank higher than your competitors. When you put pages on the web, you have the option of adding keywords to your content, and you need to make sure that keywords are used in your metadata as well. When you choose local SEO keywords, you will be helping to inform the people that live near your studio. When people in your community search for classes in combination with using the name of your town in their search, you’ll have a better chance of appearing in their results.

Strategy #2: Bring in Guest Trainers

Show people that your studio is professional by finding yoga trainers from around the world to teach at your center. This thoughtful approach will bring new ideas to your community. Additionally, it will make your studio appear to be ahead of the curve.

Strategy #3: Offer a Free Trial Session

A free trial class might sound like a loss of income, but it presents an opportunity to pull a diverse group of clients to your studio. People that have never tried yoga before will be willing to attend a free community class. If a free class impresses people, they might be willing to sign up for a membership to your studio. You could also try offering bundles of classes instead of a monthly membership.

Strategy #4: Create Content That Interests Yoga Students

When you are relying on digital marketing techniques to drive more people to your yoga studio’s website, you’ll need to write content that is directed towards your audience. First, you need to figure out what type of people make up your core audience. You can find out about your audience by having people complete surveys for a small reward, or you could have trainers take note of the interests of the people that typically attend classes.

When you find your audience and their interests, you’re going to need to release content that’s directed towards that segment of the population. If you’re running a yoga studio, you’re definitely going to want to appeal to people who are interested in fitness, healthy living, nutrition, stretching, meditation, and other similar areas. It’s okay to start out broad with your content; you can always narrow it down before you have it written for your company.

Yoga students enjoy reading about yoga, but every article doesn’t have to be concerned about learning poses. Creating content that’s about yoga poses is a great idea to show how your classes are taught by knowledgeable professionals, but you should also include content about other areas of life. More people will visit your website if you offer useful information that’s presented in a calm, balanced way.

Strategy #5: Offer a Unique Class

It’s disappointing to see a studio’s class schedule that doesn’t sound interesting. People will be less inclined to attend a class that doesn’t speak to them. If they know nothing about the class from the bland description, they’re not going to be able to tell their friends about the discipline.

Strategy #6: Start a Mailing List

Your mailing list should present new articles and other items to your clients. You can even use it as a way to entice people to come to classes. Send out coupons for classes, and include updates to the class schedule. A good landing page will help fill up your contact list.

Strategy #7: Fun Event Promotions

Since yoga students tend to be interested in uplifting areas of life, you might want to try adding a fun promotion to your marketing mix. Creating a fun promotion helps get new clients interested in hearing more about your business because you are presenting your company as one that likes to have a good time. Since many aspects of yoga involve relaxation and taking time to enjoy life, you could have a promotion that uses these ideas as a theme.

Instead of throwing a grand opening party to invite the community into your studio, you could set up a time to light candles and chant with a group from the community. Be cautious when choosing promotions because you don’t want your business to come off as absurd. Give a lot of thought to choosing a fun promotion that shows how your company serves others without coming off as needy.