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Water Park Marketing Ideas To Sell More Tickets

Water parks are incredible investments because they are popular among large groups, and people are willing to pay a fairly high price for quality entertainment. The other side of this investment is that marketing for water parks is a challenge throughout the cooler months. The majority of your profits will occur in the hot months of the year, but the rest of the year still needs to serve a purpose. What types of marketing tactics have you already implemented for the off-season? If you’re planning on waiting for the next heat wave to move through your city, you’re losing out on potential profits. In addition to having a great water park website design, take action on the ideas mentioned below to increase ticket sales to your park.

Ideas and Services for Marketing to Get More Clients

People are willing to pay for tickets to your park when the weather gets hot, but you might be able to sell someone on a membership if you are able to appeal to their love of your product. Marketing your product to people outside of your venue is the best way to connect to an emotional trigger that will likely result in more profits for your water park. Use this list of marketing ideas and services to increase ticket sales throughout the entire year.

Marketing Idea #1: Creating Content for Your Water Park

One of the most important parts of every marketing plan involves addressing the type of content that your users want to read. Traditional marketing has its perks, but digital marketing is less expensive, and it’s easier to measure the outcomes of digital marketing campaigns. You need to be releasing new content through all of your distribution channels on a regular basis.

Your distribution channels should be seeing what is going on at the water park to make it attractive to potential ticket buyers. People are more willing to pay a premium price for a ticket to a park that they have seen through videos and pictures. Putting together a digital experience for your audience will make people want to experience your park more in real life.

Although writing copy is incredibly important to search engine optimization (SEO), your business is experiential, so you need to work extra hard to show what that experience will be. When people visit your website or open one of your newsletters, they should feel like they are getting a taste of what they’ll get the next time they visit your park.

Marketing Idea #2: Events That Get Staff Talking

As important as it is to create events that get the public to your facility, it’s important to create events for employees as well. Creating events for your employees will motivate workers. Also, if you create public events that bring employees together with the community, you’ll be introducing the community to your staff members. Imagine a picnic where everyone gets to know the people who work at your water park.

Marketing Idea #3: Specific Search Engine Optimization for Water Parks

SEO tactics are important to any business that wants to earn more profits by appealing to internet users, and the water park industry is no exception to this axiom. The types of people that visit water parks are the same people that conduct their searches through an online directory, also known as a search engine. You need to use industry specific keywords to draw internet users to your website.

While you need to capture the essence of your water park in words, every article shouldn’t be about your business. You will catch more people off guard when you write content for your website about other topics that might interest a water park enthusiast. You should be writing about their other interests in order to attract their attention to your suggestion of fun. Topics for articles should relate to your business somehow, so don’t go too far off track. Try to keep articles about having fun, being with your friends, and relaxing in style.

Marketing Idea #4: New Services and Renting Space

In addition to running an exciting water park, you should think of other services that your business could provide during the off-season. If you are able to rent some of the space for after school programs, this will serve as a reminder of where to go in the summer. Parents will pick their children up after school each day, and they will bring their entire family back in the summer. You get money to rent the space, and you are attracting new business, so your water park benefits twice.

Marketing Idea #5: Advertise as the Perfect Place to Have a Birthday Party

When you advertise your business in this specific way, you are giving people ideas of where to host events. The water park is a great venue for a birthday party, especially for children. However, you should add a note to the flyers that describes other types of events that work well at your facility. Give people the idea that your venue will make a good impression upon their guests by including pictures of past events. You could stage the first round of pictures in order to have photos for your website.

Marketing Idea #6: Invite Water Sports Athletes to Your Park

Any celebrity appearance will help sell tickets to your park. Be sure to try to take a photo of any celebrity that appears in your park, and try to get an autograph to frame for your lobby. Those pictures might be enough to get fans of that celebrity interested in visiting your park.

Even though they’re not big celebrities, you might be able to invite a surfer or other water sports athlete to make a guest appearance at your park. Social media is a useful tool for informing the public of events that you’re planning; this type of promotion won’t cost a lot of money, but it could be enough to get people interested in visiting your water park.

Marketing Idea #7: Find Services and Promotions for the Cold Part of the Year

Unless your water park is entirely indoors, you are going to run into problems selling tickets during the cold months of the year. Your water park might get a lot of attention in the hot summer months, but people aren’t excited about playing in water during the winter. You need to find some services and promotions for the off-season months. Keep people interested in visiting your business, and make use of your facilities during the rest of the year.