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How To Use a Direct Mail Strategy To Grow your Franchise

Direct mail is a proven strategy for attracting new customers. In a world that constantly touts online commerce, it is worth mentioning that direct mail marketing is still alive and well. Approaching new customers via traditional mail is the best way to get noticed. In a climate where busy people dread wading through jam-packed inboxes, physical mail is unique and valued.

Another reason direct mail gets high marks from marketing professionals is that it generates larger purchases that can average a selling price that is about five times more. SBA reports that younger consumers don’t view physical mail as junk mail like older consumers from the nineties or earlier might.

Below are some proven tips for using direct mail to grow your franchise.

1. Create a targeted mailing list.

A list of qualified prospects will most likely include both customers and consumers likely to purchase your products based on demographics or an expressed interest. Two options for creating a mailing list and finding your target audience include using a list broker or direct mail provider.

It’s mandatory that you know your ideal customer’s profile well. You will need to provide your criteria to a list broker or direct mailer to obtain a list of prospects. Knowing important information such as household income, education levels and regions of the country where your customers live will make it easier to establish a viable mailing list sure to bring in the best results.

2. Design mailers aimed at grabbing your customer’s attention.

Design elements must be customized to match your recipients. Obviously, an attractive mailer with easy-to-read fonts and graphics that enhance your message rather than distract from it is your best bet. Don’t forget to carefully proofread your copy. Misspellings and grammatical errors cast a negative light on your brand and professionalism.

Business News Daily warns against adding words like urgent on the envelope or letter without cause. This type of misleading statement can erode the trust you are trying to build.

3. Make customers an offer they can’t refuse.

When trying to attract new customers, it is particularly important that you offer them something that will force them to take action. Remember, that action is the goal of this marketing effort. A coupon for $5 off a $299 purchase is simply not enough. Make your offer mean something to customers.

It is important to remember that getting new clients is about starting a new relationship. Once you are on their radar, you don’t want to blow it. Show up with the goods so they don’t write your company off as cheap or unworthy of the effort of getting to know you better. Remember, several email offers promising a few dollars off are already in their mailbox. This overused way of attracting clients won’t work unless your offer is better. Get creative.

4. Personalize your mailer.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to send a mass mailer out addressed to Resident or Owner. Make it personal. Use their name and be sure to customize it to them as much as is possible based on the information you have.

Granted, it is much easier to send out mail to past customers based on the data you have on hand, but that does not mean you can’t also use the data you have to send out personalized offers to prospects who haven’t ordered from you in the past. Use the data you have to make it meaningful. Consumers expect a personal touch these days. Technology has made customization much more feasible.

5. Use a strong and clear call-to-action to get prospects to buy.

Surprisingly, far too many mailers are sent without a clear call-to-action. You have to make it easy for the prospect to understand your offer. They must understand how to respond without a lot of effort. Don’t expect them to work too hard.

Be sure not to bury the offer in a lot of text so they are likely to skim over it. Smart graphics and text should make it obvious what the offer is and how to respond. A call-to-action should direct prospects to a landing page or website where they can either get more information or buy something.

6. Don’t overdo it.

Advertising can be a tricky proposition. The goal is to contact your prospect and get their attention to establish the basis for a lasting relationship. Since a lifetime customer is such a valuable asset, you don’t want to make the mistake of annoying them by sending out too many mailers in a short period of time. When this happens, it can repel customers and erode trust instead of building on it.

SBA suggests starting out with a direct mail piece with an email followup message about a week later. It makes sense to establish triggers for additional company followup pieces after prospects take certain actions. A good rule of thumb to follow is to send about two emails for every direct mail piece sent.

7. Track your metrics to measure your success and improve results.

Tracking your metrics is crucial for evaluating any particular mail campaign. With so many variables to evaluate, it is easy to see how one factor could compromise the desired results. That’s why it is so important to do testing.

Smart marketers view any direct mail campaign as an ongoing effort that can be improved as results roll in. That does not mean, you want to waste any more money than is absolutely necessary before understanding what is working and what is not.

Places to start when evaluating results are the call-to-action and the offer. Is the offer attractive enough to attract new customers who know nothing about your brand? Is the offer clear about what the customer needs to do next?


A strategic direct mail campaign will grow your franchise. The tips above can put your business on the path to new customers and more revenue.

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