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16 Unique Small Business Branding Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Small business owners must constantly innovate branding and marketing techniques to engage with new consumers. In this article, the Linchpin SEO team walks through small business branding methodology and gives you practical, effective branding ideas that will work for your business and your budget.

The Purpose of Marketing For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know marketing is essential to your success. Your small business goals shape your marketing strategy. And in marketing, conversions aren’t always the goal.

An effective marketing strategy defines and solidifies your brand: a crucial component of small business success. Branding empowers you to shape customer perception of your business while engaging and connecting with your target audience.

Unique Small Branding Ideas that Work

The branding experts at Linchpin SEO have compiled a list of must-know branding ideas for your small business. Branding doesn’t have to be expensive. Effective branding can be free.

Below we’ve listed 16 practical, inexpensive, and –most importantly– effective branding tips and ideas that will get you noticed and help you engage consumers.

Invest in Quality Products

Quality promotional products communicate the value of your brand to the people receiving the items. When you hand someone a product with your name, you want the recipient to associate your small business with quality. So invest in the good stuff; it’ll increase the longevity of your brand.

Hang Banners in Unexpected Places

Print out large banners, then hang them on overpasses. You’ll earn the same attention as an expensive billboard. An overpass banner will likely garner even more attention. Hang with caution.

Put Your Brand on Local Products

You’re not the only small business in your community. Partner with fellow small businesses that produce products and inquire about adding your logo to their items.

For example, partner with a coffee shop. Pay for their disposable cups, and have your logo printed on them. They’re incentivized to partner with you because you cut business expenses, and you get to market your business to an entirely new group of people.

Don’t Hand Out “Throw Away” Products

If you invest your resources in branded products, don’t waste money purchasing products that will go directly into the trash. Instead, give away promotional products that people will want to keep.

And trust us: don’t give away pens.

Relevant Products

Your promotional products must match the demographic of your target audience. And your branding must reach people relevant to your business.

For example, golf towels with your branding are perfect for golfers. They can –– and will –– use this product, and towels are an ideal way to advertise to other golfers.

But some products aren’t relevant to your target demographic, no matter their quality. Knowing your audience means knowing what they both like and want.

Even Small Signs Are Read

You don’t have to rent out a billboard to get noticed. Small signage is effective.

Consider sponsoring a WiFi network in a coffee shop or other space, then ask to include your business logo on the WiFi signage. Then, everyone who utilizes that WiFi will see your branding –– and they’ll know you made the WiFi possible.

Chalk Art

Chalk art is an eye-catching, nonpermanent method of branding and marketing that costs next to nothing. Get creative with a bucket of chalk in your downtown square, a busy park, or other places where many people will see your work.

Chalk art always engages because it’s out of the ordinary. So whether you commission or create a massive piece of art or draw a simple recreation of your logo, folks will notice, and you’ll have increased brand awareness.

Attend Conferences

Attend conferences –– but not those specific to your industry, where you’ll likely get lost in the crowd. Instead, by attending conferences targeting your client base, you position yourself as the first point of contact for individuals and businesses needing your services or products.

In short, go where your clients go.

Create Exclusivity

Craft an upscale feel to your brand by creating a members’ club where people can try your products.

The process is simple: People sign up for your exclusive club. Give them free products they want and will use, and ask them to leave a review. This model incentivizes consumers to leave positive reviews of your products and brand. And as we know, customer reviews are one of the most critical factors in customer purchase decisions.

Offer Memberships or Loyalty Programs

Memberships keep people coming to you for goods or services. Prepaid memberships increase the average order value of shoppers by 39 percent, and a first-time buyer who joins a loyalty program will spend 40 percent more than a customer who doesn’t.

Have Fun and Get on TV

This one might sound crazy, but what do you have to lose? Utilize televised sporting events to get your small business out there with a giant head printout. Go to games, matches, or meets and put your website, social handles, or logos on a big head. You’ll get noticed by people in the stands and, potentially, people worldwide.

Print Branded Coasters

Print your logo and information on coasters, then leave them behind at restaurants, bars, and other places where people dine and drink.

Find Yourself on the Green

You don’t have to golf to find success on the course. Hand out branded products to golfers as they hole out – make sure it’s a project that has longevity, like golf towels or brushes.

Stand Outside Conferences

Similarly, you needn’t attend conferences to increase your brand awareness at meetings. If you don’t have the resources to participate in a forum, stand outside and hand out free stuff. No one will know you’re not part of the conference, and you can guarantee you’re engaging with nearly every attendee.

Sponsorships that Provide ROI

Small businesses often participate in sponsorship opportunities to promote themselves. These partnerships must be relevant to the company and the product or service they provide.

If your business’s demographic is related to sports, sponsor tournaments. Your contributions get your brand noticed, and you can network with potential new clients.

Free Professional Photography (A Marketing Tactic for Photographers)

Wear a tee shirt printed with “I’ll take your photo for free” on the front and back, and hang out at malls, zoos, or other places where people spend time. After you take the photo, give each subject your email business card (with a unique, catchy tagline) and offer to send them the image for free. Also, offer to post their photo on your website or social media channels.


Small business branding isn’t a cookie-cutter operation. Think outside the box to promote your brand with our unique small business branding ideas. And when you’re ready to take your branding and marketing to the next level, our team is here to help you win.

Contact Linchpin SEO today to talk with one of our branding and marketing experts to learn how we can help you succeed.