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Trends That Will Shape Search Engine Optimization Strategies In 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has seen a significant number of trends come and go over the past few years. While many of these have had a large impact on the entire niche, several haven’t made their presence felt nearly as much.

Going into 2020, however, there is a variety of them that look to have an increasing impact on SEO. While some may seem quite obvious, there are a few that many digital marketing professionals and business owners may find surprising.

With how essential SEO can be for many companies, it can be vital to keep on top of each of these trends to ensure that the marketing strategy is effective. As such, there are a few notable SEO trends that every advertising professional should be aware of.

Trends Affecting Search Engine Optimization In 2020

1. Mobile First Indexing

Searching on mobile devices has become increasingly popular over the past few years. While this initially resulted in a significant number of firms having mobile-optimized websites, they’re quickly focusing on mobile-first indexing. This is the process of putting the mobile version of the site first, while the desktop version is a secondary concern.

The main reason for this is that mobile traffic is now the larger of the two niches, which has meant that it demands more attention than it once this. While this hasn’t meant that desktop versions aren’t getting much attention, it’s meant that website owners are now spending more time focusing on the mobile side of the equation.

As such, the majority of marketing professionals have placed more emphasis on the mobile experience, with there being a variety of best practices to follow. Much of this has been focused on ensuring that web versions of the app load much faster and are well designed.

2. The Rise Of Voice Search

Voice search has continued to grow in popularity in the past few years, with much of this being driven by Amazon’s Alexa device, and much more. While many people may initially assume that this wouldn’t have a direct impact on SEO, it has affected it more than many people would think.

This is especially true, considering that marketing professionals have had to adapt keywords and search terms based on how people speak. As a result, they’ve had to make sure that websites are optimized for how people talk instead of how they type.

While voice search is still a relatively minor part of the SEO industry, it’s growing quickly, which has made it an increasingly prominent trend. Because of how new it is, however, there are still relatively few ways to adapt to it, although basing keywords on natural phrases has become one of the leading methods.

3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is something that the majority of people would associate with cryptocurrency. As a result, many wouldn’t expect that it would have an impact on the SEO world, although it’s been able to do so in a variety of ways. The technology itself focuses on creating a network of secure transactions.

In the cryptocurrency world, this is focused on purchases, although it’s been adapted to search engines more prominently recently. Much of this can be seen through connecting website owners and advertisers, with Google and other search engine providers acting as middlemen.

While the implications of this are still starting to be felt, it’s an area that’s poised to have an increasingly large impact over the coming months.

4. The Domination Of Snippets

Over the past few years, the Google search engine has continued to evolve in a variety of ways. One noticeable innovation recently has been the introduction of features snippets. While these are still a relatively minor occurrence, they’re becoming increasingly more popular in various searches.

The volume of search queries where these featured snippets appear continues to grow. As a result, they should begin having quite a significant impact going forward. The majority of this is because it turns up as the first organic result in a variety of searches. As a result, it’s an area that an increasing number of businesses will need to focus on.

Over half of all clicks come from featured snippets, which should make them a vital aspect of any marketing professional’s strategy.

5. Leveraging Influencers

Influence marketing is an entirely different strategy to SEO, although it’s been having somewhat of a larger impact on the niche recently. Much of this has been focused on engagement rates, which can often drive a significant amount of an SEO campaign’s success.

Potential customers trust influencers much more than they do advertisers and tend to engage with brands that take advantage of the niche. This should mean that influencer marketing will have quite a significant role in the engagement rate that their website will see.

This will subsequently have a domino effect on its overall rankings. As a result, the two areas are becoming increasingly more inter-related. This should then mean that many digital marketing professionals may want to take advantage of influencer marketing in the coming months.

6. Secure Websites

Online privacy and security have become increasingly more critical for the majority of internet users. While this is an area that’s been brewing for several years, it’s only been recent that it’s started coming to fruition. This has meant that quite a large number of internet users have been forgoing websites that don’t offer a large amount of protection.

This should have a direct impact on how much traffic an unsecured website will have. As a result, making sure that a site has SSL encryption and a variety of other security measures can be vital for the majority of marketing professionals and website owners.

Given how straightforward this can be to implement, it’s an aspect that the majority of professionals don’t have a reason not to take advantage of. This is especially true when coupled with the significant amount of engagement they may be missing out on.

7. Increased Use Of Videos

Videos have always been a significant want to engage with audiences, with this primarily being seen with social media marketing, among others. However, it’s having quite a large impact on SEO over the past few years, with this becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore. There have been a variety of reasons for this, which is why SEO professionals may need to take note of it.

The majority of younger visitors are now more likely to get their information from, and interact with, video content. This should mean that many firms will have to implement videos into the majority of their strategies.

8. Dwell Time & CTR

There are quite a large number of factors that determine how well a website ranks on search engines. However, two areas that have become increasingly more prominent have been the click-through ratio (CTR) and dwell time. These have been affecting SEO strategies in various ways over the past few years.

While these were always minor factors, they’ve become much more important, which has meant that marketing professionals will have to spend a significant amount of time working on them. There are a large number of ways to do so, with these offering various degrees of success.

9. High-Quality Content

Content has always played quite an important role in how effective an SEO strategy will be. However, this importance has continued to increase over the past few years, though it hasn’t just been limited to pages and articles. Instead, it’s also been focused on the copy that’s seen on advertisements and much more.

Coupled with this has been the video and audio content that a brand makes available, which have become increasingly more vital. This should mean that many brands may have to create more high-quality content and long-form content than ever, especially across a wide range of media.

10. Content Length

With content being so essential, many marketing professionals may believe that the longer the content is, the better. However, this isn’t always the case, as websites will need to tailor their content to their audience. This is especially true when it comes to the length of the content.

Mobile users will typically want shorter articles and blog posts, while desktop users may have a preference for longer ones. As such, website owners and marketing professionals will need to balance their content depending on what their audience mainly consists of. This could mean breaking up longer articles into a series of shorter blog posts, among other things.

10 SEO Statistics You Need To Know

Some may not convince many digital marketing professionals of the trends that are affecting SEO. However, there are a variety of statistics that help to back these up. As such, there are a few notable SEO statistics that every advertising professional may want to know. These include:

  1. The first five organic search results see 67% of all clicks.
  2. 70% of marketing professionals believe that SEO is more effective at driving sales than PPC.
  3. HTTPS sites make up 93% of Google-owned traffic.
  4. Almost 36% of SEO professionals believe that the title is the most important element.
  5. 21% of marketing professionals write for search engines.
  6. 91% of content doesn’t get any traffic from Google.
  7. Half of all searches are four words or longer.
  8. Over 12% of search queries feature a snippet.
  9. Video content helps websites get 157% more traffic.
  10. Websites lose 10% of traffic for every seconds it takes to load.

Knowledge can often be one of the main factors in making sure that a marketing campaign will be successful. As such, being able to capitalize on each of the above trends should be vital for the majority of SEO professionals. While they’ll each have varying impacts on the industry, each looks to make their presence felt quite significantly.