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Top Tech Startups in Wilmington, NC to Watch in 2021

Everyone appreciates start-ups because they offer fresh ideas, sell innovative products/services, and provide employment opportunities for their local community.

These startups made our list of the best startups in Wilmington for several factors; such as the potential to grow revenue, make an impact in the local community, solve a real-world problem, the leadership team, and the brand’s competitive edge amongst their competitors.


Apiture is redefining digital banking as we know it. They provide banks and credit unions of all sizes the ability to take control of their digital processes and experiences. Apiture creates solutions across web, mobile, wearables, and voice for each client. Every aspect of their digital banking is streamlined and personalized. The Apiture team marries the best-in-class client experience with personal customer support every step of the way.

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SportGait connects brain wellness with medical technologies to evaluate, monitor, manage, and treat individuals with concussions. The startup works on a flexible, scalable platform including personal observations, neurocognitive and neuromotor assessments, and professional decision support. From injury through recovery, SportGait offers support for physicians as they make clinical decisions for their patients. Their “Safe-to-Safe” continuum of care operates on a cohesive platform that coordinates patients, providers, and organizations to track recovery and improve concussion decision support.

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CloudWyze provides the ultimate business technology experience. Driven by strategy and with a focus on problem-solving, the team at CloudWyze delivers outstanding connectivity, communications, cloud solutions, and technology support services. Anything CloudWyze sells, they also support. When a client works with CloudWyze, all of their technology operates cohesively to support business growth. Internet, phone, cloud, and IT management: CloudWyze provides solutions that enable effective communication while giving you the support you deserve.

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KWIPPED has created an online marketplace for B2B equipment rental and leasing. They provide options for nearly every industry imaginable, from medical to the restaurant to laboratory applications plus everything in between. Their model allows suppliers and lenders to compete for business, which enables the renter to get the best price for their equipment needs. KWIPPED allows its users to rent for short-term needs, lease and finance with affordable monthly payments, and even buy outright. They make it easy to get all of the equipment you need at the best price—no matter what you’re looking for.

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NCino is known as the worldwide leader in cloud banking. NCino streamlines all customer and employee interactions through their cloud-based Bank Operating System that increases efficiency, transparency, profitability, and regulatory compliance. Built by bankers, for bankers, nCino provides solutions for commercial banking and small businesses, as well as options for portfolio analysis and deposit account opening. NCino allows bankers to quickly to respond to their clients because everything is centralized. From start to finish, nCino provides solutions and processes that reimagine what banking can be.

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Moor For Less™

Moor for Less is the new marketplace for buying, selling, and renting boat slips. The startup is ideal for a city like Wilmington where the demand for boat slips is always high. Moor for Less has created a huge network of buyers, so someone looking to sell or rent their boat slip can do so quickly and at the right price. Those looking for boat slips are just as happy with the services offered by Moor for Less: you can tailor your search results, so you only get boat slips you actually want to buy or rent. The company saves its customers time and provides direct communication between buyer and seller. They’ve simplified buying, renting, and selling slips in Wilmington and beyond.

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IndiOmics applies machine learning methods to understand and evaluate how chemical exposure affects individuals. Their goal is to empower people with knowledge of how their environment can influence their health in an effort to reduce disease risks. They’ll send you a kit, you send back your biological sample, and through their dashboard, they give you a step-by-step strategy to mitigate or even eliminate the risks for harm due to chemical exposures in your day-to-day life.

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Koerner Health Solutions

Koerner Health Solutions creates wearable technologies that monitor the wearer’s health metrics. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to improve the health and quality of life for those who manage chronic conditions, multiple medications, utilize health services, or have loved ones aiding in their day-to-day health and wellness routines. With Koerner’s wearable tech, patients can track relevant health data which can also be transferred to caregivers, nurses, doctors, and health monitoring services.

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Lapetus Solutions

Lapetus Solutions provides AI-powered life event and risk assessment. The company specializes in serving life insurance, wealth management, LEs and longevity risk, and medical underwiring companies. They replace traditional risk assessment methods with their digital end-to-end platforms for faster, cheaper, and more accurate results. Lapetus will rapidly prototype, launch, enhance, and scale your products on their world-class platform more efficiently and cheaper than the competition, allowing you to better serve your own clientele.

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With an opioid epidemic ravaging our nation’s families and our economy, opiAID is using data science to create innovative and effective solutions for addiction treatment. OpiAID provides interpreted and behavioral health data to clinicians working with patients experiencing substance abuse problems. Their services support medically integrated personalized treatment models that deliver quality care and promote long-term abstinence. OpiAID works to promote compassionate, effective care for substance abuse patients through data analytics.

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Renaissance Fiber

Renaissance Fiber utilizes sustainable methods to process raw, domestic hemp fiber for textile production. They primarily focus on generating textile-quality fibers for yarn production. Renaissance Fiber stands out from other textile companies because their sources are all US-based and their production practices eliminate the need for bleaching or oxidation, doing away with toxic by-products of mainstream hemp fiber production. With their innovative practices, Renaissance Fiber hopes to help North Carolina remain a leader in global agriculture and textile production.

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SWELLEnterprise streamlines your business’s apps and software, increasing your efficiency and productivity. SWELLEnterprise puts all of your communications, document generation, clients, and leads on one platform. The company’s app allows you to replace three or four apps with just one: theirs. Everything you need to run your business is on the cloud, so you can conduct business anywhere. And their data analysis gives you a complete overview of your clients, so you can understand customer needs at a glance. You’ll never have to switch between apps again because SWELLEnterprise’s all-in-one business tool compiles everything onto one simple platform.

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