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Today’s Top B2B Marketing Strategy: Be Authentic

No man is an island. Human beings were created for connection. Families, friendships, and even business interactions thrive when we share mutual values such as trust, respect, and honesty.

When engaging in B2B marketing, getting lost in numbers, metrics, and sales can be easy. However, creating authenticity within your team and with current and potential business partners is necessary to build and maintain healthy company relationships.

Have a Vision

A company can’t be genuinely authentic until there is a clear and consistent vision. Beyond the product or service you are providing, what does your company stand for? What are your core values? What is the driving passion behind the “why” of all you do?

This kind of vision gives your team something solid to stand on and a clear path to follow. They know what they represent –– and why. Your team should be the greatest ambassadors for your company. Cultivating a community around shared values enhances morale and drive. This requires communication and a company culture that inspires and evokes a genuine response, so your team isn’t merely repeating slogans; they genuinely believe in the company’s mission and vision.

There are constant business changes, but the basics of human nature stay the same. For example, suppose your company has a clear vision and is open and honest about the values behind the business. In that case, you will draw in employees, business partners, and consumers alike by your authenticity.

Send a Consistent Message

Once you’ve fleshed out your vision, communicate your message consistently throughout your team and marketing endeavors. Your company won’t move forward unless everyone is pulling in the same direction. From customer service to marketing to website design, you want your message to be front and center.

An unwavering message not only serves to unite your team and give them a guideline of business to follow, but it also makes you memorable from the outside looking in. Again, simplicity serves you well here. While you may offer multiple products or services, there should be one core, clearly defined statement for your company. Consider going through Donald Miller’s book, Building a StoryBrand, as a team exercise. This is a simple, proven, and exceptionally effective format for creating an unforgettable brand message.

Connect with Care

Take some time to think about your company from the customer or business partner’s perspective. What are they thinking about? What are they struggling with? What do they care about?

You can gather this information in a myriad of different ways.

  • Connect with your customer service team and ask them about the interactions they have with customers.
  • Take polls and surveys.
  • Ask the sales team what has been working and what doesn’t.
  • Ask your SEO specialist for data on what is generating leads and traffic.
  • Interview customers directly.

After compiling this information and doing research, you will be able to paint a portrait of the people you’re connecting with through business. Then, share your findings company-wide, so everyone is on the same page as they interact with clients.

Communicate Genuinely

Encourage company-wide communication that is real and not weighed down by industry jargon. While your team should be well versed in the language of your industry, they should also understand how to connect using everyday language that is easily understood by a broad audience. Advocate marketing content that is simple, relevant, and informative.

Don’t be afraid of throwing a bit of humor into the mix. The appropriate use of humor in the workplace creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and authenticity: the exact qualities you want to grow in your B2B business relationships. The language of emotions is a universal language, and there’s no better way to make an instant emotional connection than through humor.


Creating and maintaining authenticity in B2B business relationships should flow naturally from a vision-led company, but that doesn’t mean it happens overnight. Instead, it requires hard work and a driven team. But a genuine, authentic company that is customer-centric and built on relationships is one that buyers will return to repeatedly.