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20 Tips To Effectively Advertise on Hulu or Netflix For Better ROI

With the growth of both tv streaming and music streaming services, it’s an easy choice when it comes to allocating a percentage of your marketing budget to these services.

You need to try something new to reach untapped audiences. For example, print advertisements aren’t as effective when targeting young audiences. To get your brand’s message to the young consumers, you need to speak their language. Take a moment to consider what types of advertising efforts have the biggest impact upon consumers under 35 years of age, and you’ll realize that marketing through digital video services could be the bridge that your brand needs to reach more young consumers.

Are you ready to figure out if advertising through digital video services is right for your brand? Before you start any new marketing endeavor, it’s important to take another look over your current marketing plan to address any concerns that you’ve encountered in the past. The previous marketing strategies that your business relied upon for new customers will provide vital information in moving forward with this or another marketing strategy. You’re learning how to market to particular audiences, but this process takes time to master. Be patient with your marketing team, and continue to research new ways to grow your business.

Why Advertise Your Business Through Digital Video Services?

When you’re marketing your business to attract new consumers, you should leave no stone unturned. This means that you need to explore every area of marketing that your competition is using, and you should be creative in finding unexplored marketing strategies that could bring new customers to your brand. Your marketing efforts drive sales, so you need to spend time researching new ways to reach people with your company’s messages. For example, marketing through digital video services introduces an entire world of new customers who haven’t heard of your company.

After you decide which segment of the population is right for your brand, you need to pick the marketing tactics that will help you reach out to those specific groups of people. Some marketing strategies reach particular groups of people better than others. For example, if your target audience is focused on entertainment, then advertising your business through digital means is worth the time and energy you’ll need to invest. Marketing professionals agree that younger generations of consumers (under the age of 35 years old) seek entertainment through watching digital video services like Netflix and Hulu.

Can You advertise on Hulu and Netflix?

You’ve saved up enough company resources to put together a stellar marketing plan for your business, so you’re looking into marketing strategies that will give your brand the best exposure possible. When you’ve seen a good return on previous marketing investments, increasing the budget for your marketing endeavors becomes easier. To get started, you’ll need to commit to spending a significant portion of your budget on digital advertisements.

Businesses can put ads for their brands on the television and radio, so many business owners are convinced that advertising on Hulu and Netflix will be just as easy. However, this belief is only partially true. While it is possible to advertise with commercials on Hulu, Netflix hasn’t opened up its distribution channels in the same way. In a perfect world, your money is enough to buy happiness, and brand recognition should be something that you can purchase through any distribution channel. However, Netflix hasn’t allowed commercials to air before or during their videos.

What Type of Advertising Is Available on Netflix?

While marketers are eager to advertise with commercials on Netflix, this video-on-demand platform keeps their customers’ interests at heart when they refuse to allow traditional commercials. However, there are other ways to reach Netflix users without appearing on their screens as part of a commercial break. Netflix doesn’t allow commercials on their platform because they fear that the advertisements would interrupt the viewer experience, and irritating their customers will cause a decline in membership. After all, the main reason that Netflix is superior to Hulu isn’t that they offer better shows and movies; it’s because Netflix doesn’t interrupt the binge-watching experiences their users enjoy.

Are you still trying to figure out how to reach Netflix users? This video demand service has taken up so much of the screen time used by US households that marketers have worked to find a way to reach consumers through product placement and merchandise. The biggest way advertisers have been able to invade the screens of Netflix users is by paying to have their products appear in shows and movies. It might not sound like much, but seeing a character hold your product on screen might trigger hoards of shoppers to try your brand for the first time. Merchandising efforts by selling products related to shows and movies on the platform is another viable option for marketing professionals to make money off of the entertainment offerings that Netflix has pushed forth.

According to a survey performed by Variety in 2017, Netflix users accounted for approximately 40% of the total viewing hours in US households. Since Netflix has such a large amount of attention from entertainment seekers, this platform is sparking interest among marketing companies. As a result, they’re moving away from advertising through television commercials.

Tips For Advertising on Hulu or Netflix

Tip 1: Research shows that your customers find it entertaining by having people complete surveys to find out about their interests.

Tip 2: Create segments of your customers based upon the shows that they watch.

Tip 3: Create content in the form of commercials to upload to Hulu that will appeal to your largest segments of consumers’ interests.

Tip 4: To appeal to Netflix users, you need to find out which types of shows they watch. This requires a separate survey and segmentation.

Tip 5: Conduct surveys of your customers at events to get a better response. Sometimes surveys on email and social media go unnoticed.

Tip 6: If your brand has a social media presence, it’s helpful to start a conversation with consumers about their interests in movies and shows. This information will help inform future advertising efforts.

Tip 7: Create surveys to get an idea of what types of shows your customers find interesting, but don’t make the surveys all about digital entertainment. Capture all the interests of your customers, including hobbies, music, and other interests. Knowing more information about your customers will help you create ads that appeal to their interests.

Tip 8: Market to viewers through Hulu in combination with other marketing strategies that incorporate entertainment. If your brand can afford to pay for television and radio advertisements, you will gain the most recognition by incorporating these ads and distributing content through Hulu.

Tip 9: Incorporate the favorite shows and movies of staff members that work for your company into social media and email blasts. This tip will show your customers that your company is relatable, and you might even impress your customers with the staff picks you mention.

Tip 10: Work with Netflix to sell products that incorporate characters from popular shows. If your company specializes in creating toys, games, stationery, or other customizable materials, this tip will go a long way to improve your product offering. Every time a viewer turns on a particular show, you stand a chance to make money off the sale of merchandise.

Tip 11: Create fan fiction based on Netflix shows. If you’re running a blog, this will attract readers from searching about their shows to read your blog.

Tip 12: When you make a commercial for Hulu, incorporate Hulu’s brand into your script to break the fourth wall, creating a visceral experience for the viewer.

Tip 13: Hire well-known actors and actresses to appear in the commercials that you create for Hulu.

Tip 14: Take part in the filming process to control the commercials that your brand is producing.

Tip 15: Examine the new releases coming out on Hulu to have a good idea of what types of shows your ads will accompany.

Tip 16: Join forces with non-competitive advertisers to buy more commercials to air on Hulu to broaden your base of customers.

Tip 17: Gather ideas from your staff and customers through email and social media before producing each commercial. When commercials become active on Hulu, you should have a viewing party to celebrate the achievement.

Tip 18: Incorporate elements of the film and entertainment industry into the scripts for the commercials created for Hulu.

Tip 19: Work with producers and other individuals that create Netflix shows to find product placement for your brand. Viewers will see your products, and they’ll subconsciously remember to buy your brand.

Tip 20: Ask your customers to give ideas for your brand to use for Hulu commercials to help your loyal customers feel like a part of your marketing process.

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