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Swimming Pool Supply Store Marketing Ideas To Get More Customers

If you’ve recently launched your swimming pool supply store then you’re probably eager to find ways to attract more customers. The good news is, beyond having a great pool supply store website design, there are some marketing tactics that you can use to take your supply store brand to the next level. Let’s discuss a few of the most effective strategies.

1. Leverage Your Current Customer Base With Referrals

You may not realize it but you already have a built-in marketing team. Your existing customers are an ideal resource when it comes to promoting your pool supply store. So how can you convince your customers to spread the word about your business? The answer is simple, you create a referral program.

When someone participates in your referral program they receive special incentives whenever they send a new customer to your business. Perhaps you can take a specific percentage off of their next order. You may offer to provide a free service. Maybe you would consider offering a cash reward for each new customer they send.

Referrals can be one of the best ways to get more customers. And that’s because when someone else recommends your business it makes you seem more credible. Another benefit of this marketing strategy is that it’s cost-effective.

2. Sponsor Local Events

One of the best ways to get your name out there and attract more customers is to sponsor an event. Does your area have a community swim team? If so, you should consider sponsoring some of their swim meets. The benefit of sponsoring this type of event is that it makes people aware of your business. And it gives you a chance to speak with your potential customer one-on-one. They may have questions and concerns that you can address. And this is a great way to get people’s attention and gain their trust and loyalty.

3. Share Your Expertise at Industry Gatherings

Not only can you sponsor community events but you could also host your own. Specifically, you should host and speak at industry gatherings from time to time. When you share your experience and start to get involved in the pool maintenance industry on a local level it will give you a chance to make connections and develop a reputation for being an influencer. This can work wonders for your brand and can help you build a significant amount of credibility. Businesses that hold workshops often find that their customer base grows substantially after the event.

4. Offer Free Trials

In some cases, people will need to try your services or product before they make a purchase from you. One way to make sure that they understand the benefits of your products and services is to offer a free trial. This way, they can experience the value for themselves and you can convert them into return customers.

An added benefit of offering free trials is that you can ask the participants to leave a review of your products and services. Even if they don’t end up buying anything their feedback can be just as valuable. You can either add the reviews to your website or use them to make improvements to your business. In fact, you may even consider turning their experience into a case study.

5. Blog

A blog can be an extremely effective tool when it comes to marketing. Not only does a website help to establish you as a legitimate business, but it’s also a great way to reach your target audience. If you want to get more customers then find out what your target audience is struggling with. And then answer their questions and solve their problems.

Does their water always seem to be imbalanced? Do they notice leaks? Are there cracks in the pool? Do they need to know how to unclog their filters? When you solve your audience’s everyday issues, they’ll eventually become your customers. If you decide to include videos on your blog, you could answer these types of questions live. You could also create guides that give step-by-step instructions on how to do everyday pool maintenance. Just make sure that the information you offer is valuable, engaging, and actionable.

6. Become a Partner

When it comes to attracting more clients, sometimes there’s strength in numbers. That’s why a lot of smaller businesses choose to team up with a bigger brand. It can help to create more awareness about their company. And in most cases, it’s a win-win situation. If the larger company agrees to promote your pool supply business to their clients then you can agree to give their clients a special deal.

One of the biggest benefits of this strategy is that it can give you an edge on your competition. Just make sure that you partner with a company that is compatible with your brand. Ideally, the company that you work with should share the same target audience.

The most challenging part of this strategy is that you need to create the perfect pitch in order to secure these types of partnerships. However, when you consider how much exposure you can get, this marketing strategy offers a great return on your investment. So it’s well worth the time and effort.

7. Add Calls to Action

In some instances, you don’t have to above and beyond to get new customers. Sometimes the answer is as simple as making a small change to your current marketing strategy. This is especially the case when it comes to calls to action, or CTAs. While you may have a compelling brand and valuable products, you may be forgetting to ask your customers to make a purchase from you.

It’s not enough to start a referral program, sponsor an event, host a gathering, offer free trials, or create the perfect blog. You need to let people know what action they should take next. Tell them to make a purchase, check out your latest products, or take advantage of your services.

Take a good look at your online marketing channels and make sure that you have a CTA for every piece of marketing that you deliver—whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, your website, or in weekly newsletters. Get used to incorporating CTAs into everything you do. Your CTA’s should be simple and engaging.


Admittedly, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly attracts new customers. However, with a few common sense and PR savvy business moves, you can grow your customer base by leaps and bounds. The key is to choose methods that will increase brand awareness and establish you as a leader in your industry.