Do you know how to relaunch a high-ranking website? Is Google traffic important to your website success?

Businesses we’ve talked with recently have lost up to 75% of their traffic after a website redesign, migration, or transition to HTTPs because they failed to include an SEO strategist versed in website relaunch strategies.

Our website relaunch team adds an additional data layer and insights – from Google’s point of view – to provide data driven recommendations from the planning phase through post launch to minimize traffic loss and maximize user satisfaction.

Note: If you’ve recently lost traffic and need help, please read more about our website traffic recovery services.

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Senior Product Manager

LLamasoft, Inc.

A month post launch, we already increased traffic by 7%, and demo requests by 50%.

My coworkers and I worked with Bill from the beginning of our website redesign and relaunch to truly come up with a customized plan. None of us were SEO experts and without Bill’s detailed help and suggestions we would never have been able to achieve the success we are having with our new site.