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what would happen if you lost 50% of your traffic?

Do you know how to relaunch a high-ranking website effectively? Do you have a transition plan, SEO website relaunch strategy, or a plan for your website migration so you don’t lose significant traffic? When planning and launching a new website the risk of losing traffic during a website re-design is a very real problem.

Most sites we’ve talked with recently have lost up to 75% of their traffic after a website re-design or re-platform because they failed to include an SEO strategist versed in transition planning throughout the process.

If traffic from the search engines is a core driver of conversions for your website, having a team like ours who specializes in transition planning and website redesign SEO will be key to a successful website re-design or re-platform.

SEO Redesign or Migration Planning

If you’re still in the planning stage, we will guide you through your website redesign, from the planning phase through the execution, to minimize the risk of traffic loss during your website redesign and relaunch.

Note: If your website has already launched and you’ve seen a drop in traffic or rankings, you’ll need a traffic recovery strategy.

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Web Design / SEO / Transition Plan

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