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The SEO Traffic Recovery Services Brands Rely On

We help recover traffic after a failed website redesign or relaunch transition, or after a Google update or penalty.

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Bill cares about his work and holds himself to a very high standard.

I worked with Bill for several years and was always impressed with his technical know-how combined with his easy-going style. He is smart and very, very hard working. Bill is driven and knows what he wants to do.

DJ Francis, Hub and Spoke Marketing

Ready to reclaim your lost SEO traffic?

Website traffic loss doesn’t have to be permanent

We’re passionate about helping you get your business back on track and growing again.

Our Traffic Recovery Services

Our Traffic Recovery Services


Website Relaunch Analysis

Our website relaunch traffic analysis is for websites that lost significant traffic levels from organic search after a website relaunch or transition.

It includes:

  • A gap analysis
  • A transition plan audit
  • A current state website audit

Using the data points from these audits we can help you identify what went wrong during your website relaunch, and build a recovery plan.


Google Penalty Analysis

Our Google Penalty analysis is for websites that feel they have been impacted by a recent Google update, or think their current SEO company or marketing team performed some shady SEO tactics that got their website penalized by Google’s algorithm.

It includes:

  • An analysis of over 80 technical variables
  • A content value analysis
  • An experience audit
  • An inbound link audit

With the data gathered from these audits, we can help you identify why your website was penalized, and build a recovery plan to fix it.