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Why Us? What SEO Really Is Case Studies Our SEO Process

We create your SEO strategy by combining website data, competitor analysis, content, and your business goals.

1. Gather The Data: Gather baselines analytics, analyze 90+ on-site SEO variables, analyze your inbound links, review your website experience, and learn about your competitors’ strategies.

2. Provide The Strategy: Combine your team’s marketing goals and our audit data to build a custom SEO plan focused on accomplishing your business goals.

3. Proactive SEO Consulting: Provide monthly Google search engine optimization services and consulting, recommendations, insights, and brainstorm sessions to strategically guide your SEO marketing success.

How The Best SEO Companies Define SEO

SEO is any input that engines use to rank pages, and anything that people or technology does to influence those things is what the practice of Google SEO is about. Therefor, enterprise SEO is a long-term business strategy and solution; inclusive of publishing, brand building, marketing, and traffic acquisition.

This is also why, unfortunately, when people try to boil local or enterprise SEO down to a few tactics, or do it as an afterthought, it doesn’t work.

Caring about your business fuels our passion.

Most say it’s crazy we care so much about our SEO clients, that we often put their marketing and business success before our own profits. But we know it’s the correct thing to do.

IND-Distribution / SEO Case Study

We worked with their design agency as well as their internal teams to help them effectively transition the website to the Shopify CMS. We’re also providing ongoing eCommerce SEO for  their Shopify website to help increase traffic, sales, average order value.

Increase in SEO traffic YOY

Increase in top 10 rankings

Increase in organic reach

Increase in sales

DeVooght House Lifters / SEO Case Study

We redefined their online and website experience, provided expert local SEO consulting, created SEO content, and gave them a much needed website platform upgrade to make it easy for them to manage their online experience.

Increase in quality leads

Increase in organic reach

Increase in organic traffic

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Our Best-in-Class SEO Process

Our SEO process is broken into two parts; the initial foundational 5 step audit, and then from that audit we will determine the strategic approach to optimizing the website, and provide ongoing month to month seo consulting to support the defined strategy.


Measurement Strategy

To ensure your website reporting is aligned with the primary business goals, and encompasses attribution metrics, we will work together to define a scorecard that meets these needs. The creation of this dashboard will include the following items.

  • Reporting and Measurement Strategy: Working together with your team, we will define success criteria and map out strategies for data acquisition with Google Analytics and reporting frameworks.
  • Scorecard Creation: We will build the initial scorecard that will be used during the monthly reports to help validate current strategies, and act as a guide for defining new strategies.


Foundational Audit

To understand the current state of your website and SEO value, and to shape optimization strategies, we will execute a current state audit.

We will crawl your website, as Google would, and analyze over 90 variables that correlate with a foundation that is valuable for users and search engines. The data points span variables that impact:

  • Websites Crawl Ability
  • Contextual Relevancy and Content Optimization
  • Website Experience
  • How the website is displayed within the Google search results


Competitive Audit

A key concept to understand, is that a website does not compete against the Google algorithm, but rather against the value your competitors are providing within the search results for their users.

To understand the current competitive landscape we will analyze your top 5 competitors to help provide insights into their strategic approach to SEO, user satisfaction, and online experience.


Inbound Link Audit

Google relies heavily on external factors to help them understand and rank content that is relevant to a searcher’s query. The primary external factor is inbound links.This includes the following:

  • Ensuring your links are providing positive signals to Google, we will audit them across multiple data points and provide recommendations for links that are non-compliant.
  • Executing a link gap analysis between your website and competitors, to provide a list of links that the competitive set has, yet your website does not.


Provide The SEO Deliverable

Audit document that outlines the data that was gathered, insights that were gained, and a prioritized list of recommendations to optimize your website experience for users and search engines.


Monthly SEO Consulting

Because the competitive landscape and Google’s algorithm is ever changing, we recommend monthly consulting to provide insights and guide strategies for organic growth. Monthly consulting includes:

  • Website audit and insight document to help optimize and grow traffic.
  • Keyword research and identification based on competitive research, trends, and user needs.
  • Optimization of new pages and content that is created for your website.
  • Analytics reporting scorecard and insights gained from the data.
  • Strategic consulting and brainstorming sessions to determine new strategies to contribute to website and audience growth.