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Are you a lifestyle blogger who is having trouble with marketing your blog? Need help optimizing your website for the search engines, increasing traffic, or growing advertising revenue?

Our team of SEO strategists and website designers in Raleigh and Chicago – who come from doing SEO and design for large publishers – are committed to helping lifestyle bloggers with SEO marketing, website design, content strategy, and other marketing strategies that help increase Google traffic and website engagement.

We help many types of bloggers increase Google traffic, including: travel bloggers, healthy lifestyle bloggers, foodie bloggers, fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, & more.

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Alison Victoria

Alison Victoria, TV Host on HGTV

I was at a standstill with my new blog and needed that extra push to make it a success! Bill Ross at Linchpin SEO was my savior! He listened to what I wanted, knew exactly what I needed and helped to launch the blog to the next level.

In a world where customer service is dead, Bill and his team restored my faith in what it means to love what you do and to really understand your customer.

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