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Because great websites deserve to be found!
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There are 25.1 Billion searches annually. Are customers finding your business or your competitors?

Over a decade ago, our founder, Bill Ross started building the team of Linchpins while doing SEO consulting in Raleigh, NC. The team of industry-leading SEO consultants in Chicago and Raleigh, have helped many of the largest brands and digital agencies in the world increase traffic, sales, and leads from Google.

Enterprise SEO

Because great brand websites deserve to be found.

Is your enterprise website not performing in Google? Our team has helped some of the largest websites in the world increase traffic and rankings from Google.

For Enterprise

Local SEO

Great local business websites deserve to be found.

Are you a local or small business who has a great website that’s trying to target a specific city or town, but are missing out on traffic from Google? Our team of local SEO experts can help.

For Local Businesses

SEO Planning

Many websites lose significant traffic when redesigned.

Is your website going through a redesign or migration? SEO planning and integration throughout your process is essential to retain traffic levels and rankings for your new website.

For Website Relaunches


This type of SEO strategy is ideal businesses who want to increase website traffic on a national or international level, don’t usually have a brick and mortar store front, and are not concerned with ranking for a localized search intent keywords such as [Chicago SEO Company].


All of our SEO campaigns start with gathering baselines and performing a comprehensive website audit.

Our audits analyze over 50 variables that correlate with website rankings, website design value, and user experiences.

We also analyze the websites of your business’s top competitors to uncover their SEO strategies for ranking and providing a great user experience.


I Just Need An SEO Audit


With the data and insights we gain from your website audit, we’ll create an implementation document that includes a prioritized list of updates that correlate with a high-ranking website and strong SEO foundation.

The document will be tailored to the team that will be making the website udpates. For example, if it’s a code update, we will create that document in a way that a developer would understand.


Making sure you’re targeting the keywords that your best customers are searching for is key to increasing conversions.

Utilizing data from your competitive analysis, as well as keyword research tools, and business insights we will define a list of priority keywords your website should target.

Additionally, we will provide a list of keywords that you should be targeting with new content assets, or utilizing in adding new pages to your information architecture.


I Just Need Keyword Research


One of the biggest problems enterprise website have with SEO, is the way they organize their content. A well designed website information architecture has huge impacts on both rankings and user satisfaction.

Utilizing data gained from the audit and keyword research phase, we will define the optimal structure for your website to better align with user’s needs and SEO value.


My Website Needs A Better Architecture


High-quality links help Google crawl your website, understand it’s content, and rank it for its target keywords. Most enterprise companies have public relations agencies that do a great job of earning them quality links.

Our job as SEO consultants is to integrate with these agencies to help them optimize their outreach programs for SEO.


Do you know what marketing channels are sending leads or creating sales for your business? This is key to making better business and marketing decisions.

We will provide analytics consulting to help you define a SEO based measurement strategy focused on KPIs, and create a custom scorecard to help you track defined success metrics.


I Just Need A Measurement Strategy

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Web Design / SEO / Transition Plan


Local SEO services are for small businesses or franchises who want to rank better than their competition in Google Maps or Google Local for a defined geographic location – such as a city or state.


Understanding what’s wrong with your website is the first step to fixing and optimizing your experience. That is why all of our local SEO campaigns start with gathering baselines and performing a comprehensive website audit.

We will perform a website audit across 40+ SEO variables that correlate with ranking locally in Google, and provide a prioritized list to fix them.


I Just Need A Local SEO Audit


The keywords that you choose can make or break your SEO strategies.

We will help you identify priority keywords that will earn you sales and increase website traffic. These strategies can be built using competitor keyword intelligence, adjacent topics, and keyword research tools.


I Just Need Local Keyword Research


Making sure your listings are optimized and consistent across listing services is a core indicator for geographic location and rankings.

We will utilize our premium tools to analyze and fix your local listings and ensure they are consistent and optimized in a way that Google rewards.


Without locally targeted content it makes it difficult to rank within the search results, and position your small business as a leader in your market.

We can create a strategy for you to create content that users love and Google loves to rank. We can also execute on the strategy and create and publish the recommended content on your website.


I Need Local Content Created


High-quality links help Google crawl your website, understand it’s content, and rank it for its target keywords. When done correctly, earning links from local websites can boost your SEO rankings within your market.

We will build a strategy to earn local citations and local links from media outlets and websites within your target geographic area.


Do you know what marketing channels are sending leads or creating sales for your local business? Small businesses don’t have unlimited budgets, so knowing what is working and where to spend your money is key to growing your business.

We will setup your Google Analytics, create a custom scorecard, and help you define a measurement strategy for your marketing campaigns.


I Just Need A Measurement Strategy

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SEO / Content Strategy