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digital marketing challenges for large content websites.

With large online publications such as national magazines like National Geographic, People, and Sports Illustrated; and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today, trying to enter the digital age and get the most visibility to gain readership for their content, there are consistent challenges they face. These challenges include; lack of an SEO publishing and governance policy, lack of SEO frameworks, SEO Training, paywalls, site architecture and CMS limitations, and adverting model effectiveness.


increase traffic and pageviews to help grow ad revenue

We are always interested in how the SEO for publishers is done – is it done well, or has the company missed huge opportunities to drive incremental traffic and increase ad revenue from search traffic.

With the large number of blogs publishing content that competes with national and local newspapers and magazines, it is vital that these large publishers do SEO well to help their content sets compete in the search results.

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why we were named a top seo company.

I have worked with Bill on many different projects for SEO. They ranged from sites that have over a hundred fifty million articles to much smaller sites. His custom and personalized approach to SEO is why I keep working with him.

He understands each project is different and provides custom solutions based on what objectives the customer is thriving for. Most agencies treat the situation as a one size fits all so his approach is unique. I would recommend Bill to anybody trying to solve the complex world of SEO.

Jason Dole Vice President of Technology, World Book, Inc.