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Paid Search and Campaign Management

Paid search services, strategies, and solutions to increase leads and sales from paid search channels

Searching for a SEM (search engine marketing) company to manage your paid media campaigns, and build your paid search ROI; one that understands the relationship between PPC, SEO, and Social Media; one that is fully integrated across teams and builds holistic strategies?

Our SEM specialists are proactive with your bid management, accountable for results, and transparent with communication – all which allows us to focus on driving sales and leads for your company.

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Let our Google certified paid search consultants help you utilize PPC channels to increase leads and sales.

Our PPC Process

Our Paid Search Process and Approach


Define Success Metrics

Every campaign that we build, no matter the channel, needs to have well defined primary and secondary business goals and marketing objectives.

These goals will help shape your overall PPC strategy and management.


Define Paid Search Measurement Strategy

We will create a reporting dashboard to track the progress of your Paid Search Campaign. It will provide insights into performance, and help us optimize your bids, positions, and ad copy to constantly evolve the campaign. This will include:

  • Goal Definition Session
  • Reporting Strategy
  • PPC Scorecard Creation


Paid Search Audit / Analysis

Reviewing your current messaging and ad strategy, and account structure will help us understand growth opportunities, and give us insights into how we can better optimize your strategy to increase ROI.

We will analyze your current Paid Search Campaign across data points such as:

  • Your campaign settings
  • Account Structure
  • Target Keywords
  • Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Value


Define the Strategy

PPC campaigns require extensive planning and a solid strategy to be successful.

These strategies include:

  • Keyword Strategies and Research
  • Positional Strategies
  • Ad Copy Creation (Rich Media Ad Creation, Text Ads)
  • Landing Page Recommendations
  • Bids and Bid Management Strategies
  • Negative Keyword Strategies


Execute and Optimize the Campaign

With the ability to see [close to] real time conversion data for Paid Search, we have the ability to be agile with your Paid Search campaigns.

To help maximize ROI and meet business  goals, we monitor and optimize your campaign based on the competitive landscape, as well as the changing search algorithms.


Reporting and Insights

The reporting and insights phase of every ppc campaign provides you with monthly reporting and insights into campaign successes and opportunities for improvement.

We will have a monthly brainstorming session with you, in which we will review previous months numbers, and provide insights and discussion points for new opportunities for increasing ROI.