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website measurement strategies to help you understand what’s working

Without accurate campaign tracking and a sold web analytics strategy, your ability to make the best marketing decisions for your business will be nothing more than a guess. Whether you’re spending a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, it is vitally important to have a website measurement strategy that can inform current and future digital initiatives.


Google Analytics, when configured properly, can be a powerful source of insight; but if configured incorrectly, can jeopardize your ability to make effective marketing decisions.


Let our team of analytics strategist help you setup your Google Analytics tracking to ensure you’re capturing the data you need to make informed and strategic business decisions.


Making sure you have your analytics program capturing the correct data is only half the solution. Knowing what it’s saying and how to extract insights that can drive business decisions is the second half of the equation.


Let our team help you define and build a marketing scorecard that can be used to communicate your key metrics to each level in your organization.


Not every SEO believes in tracking rankings within the search engines. We feel that if you’re tracking the correct keywords – priority keywords – that rank tracking and reporting can be beneficial for businesses.


We use industry leading tools to help organize and track your search rankings over time, and report on any issues that may arise – which allows you to analyze possible website issues.


Do you have an internal team who is focused on your measurement strategy, and just need a company to help guide measurement decisions or provide additional insights?


Our team of analytics consultants can be a great addition to your team by providing unbiased reporting and guidance for defining a comprehensive measurement strategy across all channels.